Bartender Resume Samples, Job Description & Skills

Updated on: January 2, 2023

A bartender prepares and serves food and beverages to customers in a dedicated pub or restaurant setting. Other duties particular to the position of a bartender are customer service, cash handling, and bottle display.

As bartending is typically a “standing” job, it is essential for people working on it to be physically fit enough to be on their feet during their shifts.

Knowledge of mixing the correct amounts and types of drinks and sodas is a must in this role. Equally important is the ability to garnish drinks according to established guidelines for each drink.

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In order to get a bartender job, you will need to build a good bartender resume to create the first impression of your candidacy. 

The following 13 tips and 3 resume examples will help you in building a winning resume for the bartending position.

How to Write a Professional Resume for a Bartender Position?
  1. Customize your resume to the prospective employer’s needs.
  2. Show your interest in working specifically for the employer.
  3. Read the bartender job description and write your resume accordingly.
  4. Add a resume headline right below the header.
  5. Start your resume with a professional bartender summary statement.
  6. Write your relevant bartending skills and work experiences.
  7. Explicitly mention your bartending achievements, not just job descriptions.
  8. Leave sufficient white space between resume sections.
  9. Select the most appropriate phrases to include in your resume.
  10. Do not duplicate the content of the job advertisement.
  11. Write briefly and clearly in a visually appealing manner.
  12. Always send a bartender cover letter with your resume.
  13. Proofread your resume thrice prior to sending it.

Bartender Resume Sample 1
Experience: 10+ years
Education: High School Diploma
Certification: Tips Certification

Johnathon Quest
65 Heather Avenue
Charlotte, NY 56744
(000) 872-4747
[email protected]


“Repeated records of success in providing courteous and quick service.”

Uniquely qualified Bartender with 12+ years of hands-on experience in mixing, brewing, and food service in busy settings. Customer service-oriented, with profound communication skills as well as the ability to upsell. Known for maintaining the bar and service area in sanitized, neat, and orderly condition. TIPS Certified. Bilingual: English/Spanish.

• Order Taking & Compliance
• Bill Generation • Mixology
• Bar Maintenance • Table Clearing
• Food & Beverage Service
• Supplies Ordering


Rock Cafe, Charlotte, NC 
Jun 2012 – Present

  • Greet customers and take their food and drinks orders.
  • Mix drinks to make preferred cocktails.
  • Generate bills according to drink orders and operate POS for bill collection.
  • Order and replenish supplies at the drinks bar.
  • Maintain the bar and service area in a neat, clean, and organized condition.
  • Check IDs of customers for alcoholic drinks service as per state-issued guidelines.
  • Maintain productive relationships with customers and enhance clientele using the referral base.

Selected Achievements
• Reorganized the beverages section, increasing the overall efficiency by 40%.
• Launched a new cocktail recipe that increased revenue by $5000 per month.
• Enhanced the customer satisfaction level by 30% by demonstrating a professional and courteous attitude.

Omni Hotels, Charlotte, NC 
May 2009 – Jun 2012

  • Greeted customers and guided them to the seating area.
  • Assisted customers with order decisions and provide information regarding various beverages.
  • Up-sold the latest products and drinks.
  • Carefully noted and communicated any special instructions related to orders.
  • Assisted in cocktail and beverage preparation.
  • Read and followed standard cocktail recipes accurately.

High school Diploma
St Louis High School, Charlotte, NC | 2004

TIPS Certification

• MS Word and Excel
• Bar POS System
• Inventory Management Applications

“I work diligently following the OSHA workplace safety and HIPPA guidelines.”

Superior references available

Bartender Resume Sample 2
Experience: 5+ Years
Education: College Degree and TIPS Certification

88 6th Avenue
Washington, DC 65821
(000) 207-7894

Bringing extensive experience in mixing and serving to ensure the bar’s success.

Fun and friendly Bartender with 6+ years of hands-on experience in mixing, garnishing, and serving food and beverages as per the bar’s specifications. Comprehensive knowledge of inventory control, mixology, and product pricing. Ability to keep the bar organized, stocked, and clean. An excellent communicator who helps guests in selecting menu items while taking and delivering orders quickly. Bilingual: English/Spanish.

• Age verification
• Mixing, garnishing, and serving
• Bottles and merchandise display
• Bill generation and money collection
• Bar cleanliness and sanitation
• Superb attention to detail


Denihan Hospitality – Washington, DC
2020 – Present
Prepare and serve drinks and beverages to patrons following regular recipes
• Mix ingredients such as soda, water, and sugar to prepare cocktails
• Anticipate guests’ needs to decide if additional service is needed
• Operate cash register and verification machine
• Order the required liquor and supplies
• Display bottled goods and glasses to make a smart look
• Slice and pit fruit for garnishes
Key Accomplishments
• Reorganized food and beverage serving procedures, increasing efficiency by 30%
• Attained “Customer Services Award” owing to excellence in customer service provision

Bar Server 
Dave & Buster’s – Irvine, CA
2017 – 2020
Mixed and served drinks to customers
• Prepared garnishes for drinks
• Made juices and prepared food for clients
• Cleaned the bar area and glassware
• Collected cash and give change
• Sanitized equipment and replenish supplies

Key Accomplishments
• Interacted with patrons professionally, increased the client base by 20%
• Provided exemplary service without delay

TIPS Training & Certification
National Hospitality Training Inc., Washington, DC

Associate’s Degree in Hospitality
Washington City College, Washington, DC

POS System
• MS Word, and Excel

I have a true desire to satisfy the needs of guests in a fast-paced environment.

Bartender Resume and CV Sample 3
Experience: 2+ years
Education: HS Diploma

Richard Stevenson
28 Crane Road, Dallas, TX36543
(000) 965-5214


Customer service-oriented Bartender, with excellent knowledge of mixing and serving alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Demonstrated ability to take and process food and beverage orders. Expert in assessing customers’ requirements and preferences, and making correlating suggestions. Ability to handle the bar inventory levels, and related supplies.

• Orders Taking • Stocking and Restocking
• Needs Assessment • Drink Menu Planning
• Inventory Management • Garnishing
• Food Quality and Safety • Cash Handling
• Beverage Mixing • Complaint Management


The Hyatt, Dallas, TX
Aug 2021 – Present
• Serve more than 60 customers per day
• Successfully handle cash drawer discrepancies
• Greet customers and engage them in friendly banter to make them comfortable
• Offer drinks menu and suggest drinks according to their tastes and preferences
• Provide customers with information on drinks ingredients and preparation times
• Serve alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks to customers
• Take and relay food orders to the kitchen area
• Follow up on orders, and ensure timely serving
• Clean and maintain the bar and surrounding areas
• Take and process cash and credit card payments
• Organize bar areas to streamline drink preparation
• Balance cash register at the end of each shift
• Prepare and serve appetizers and snacks
• Assist in planning bar menus

Bar Server
The New York Coffee Shop, Dallas, TX
May 2020 – Aug 2021
• Suggested a less expensive supplier, saving the company $5000 a month
• Took and recorded orders for coffee and other beverages
• Created coffee blends in accordance with set recipes
• Assist customers in choosing the right coffee types as per their preferences
• Oversee the cleaning and maintenance of assigned restaurant areas

High School Diploma
Dallas High School, Dallas, TX

Bartender Duties and Responsibilities

In order to write the experience section of a bartender’s resume, you can use some of the following job description statements.

  • Greet customers and patrons when they arrive at the bar and inquire about their choice of drinks and snacks.
  • Provide patrons with information on available drinks and mixes and present them with menus.
  • Provide suggestions to customers regarding drink mixes and food items that complement their drinks, keeping their preferences in mind.
  • Take and record orders for drinks and good items, and relay food orders to the kitchen staff.
  • Create the right mixes of drinks and sodas, and ensure that proper garnish is done on them.
  • Serve created drinks to customers and indulge in suggestive and upselling activities to meet selling targets.
  • Inquire customers if they would like refills, and suggest additional drink types.
  • Respond to customers’ queries regarding available liquors and mixes, and food items.
  • Ensure that the bar is well stocked with glasses, soda bottles, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, and cleaning cloths.
  • Create and maintain liaison with vendors to ensure quick and accurate delivery of supplies to the bar or restaurant.
  • Ensure the cleanliness and maintenance of the bar areas
  • Communicate any needs for repair and maintenance to the bar manager.
  • Intervene in incidents such as fights and arguments, ensuring that no damage to people or property is incurred.
  • Clean glasses and utensils.
  • Sanitize ice tanks, coolers, and bar tools.
  • Arrange bottles, merchandise, and glasses to make a smart display.
Bartender Skills and Abilities
  • Proficient in mixing, garnishing, and serving drinks
  • Ability to organize, stock, and clean the bar area
  • Relevant training certificates such as TIPS
  • Computer and POS
  • Knowledge of English and Spanish
  • Positive attitude
  • Attention to detail
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Team player
  • Fun and friendly attitude
  • Good physical stamina
Bartender Position Requirements

To be considered eligible to work as a bartender, you have to have a high school diploma or a GED equivalent at the very least. Some previous experience in a bartending position will, of course, be considered a plus point.


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