Bartending is a skilled profession and not everybody can do justice with this position. As more and more bar owners and hospitality organizations are employing bartenders these days, the job competition is also escalating in the field. Employers seek talented and skilled bartenders, who can enhance their business via manifestation of exotic bartending expertise.

A winning resume for the position of bartender needs to convince the employer regarding the candidate’s potential. Just stating your experience or mentioning responsibilities fulfilled in the capacity of bartender at previous workplace won’t even take you anywhere near an interview. What the employer needs is evidence-some proof of your potential, and this is where ‘achievements’ come in!

Bartender Achievements for Resume

Though it may seem a difficult task to enlist some impressive achievements on your resume, but it is in reality quite simple. The key is to enlist your duties/ responsibilities first. Now go through the list and highlight some of the duties you performed exceptionally well in. once done, you can convert these selected duties into accomplishments or achievements. Since the achievements serve as a proof of your potential for the employer, it is advisable to support your statements with numbers and dates wherever possible.

Employers often contact previous employers regarding credentials and references, so make sure you are not mentioning anything that cannot be verified by your previous employer. Following are some sample achievements for a bartender resume:

✔ Increased the bar’s coffee section turnover by 10% during the first two months of work through productive public relation practices and reorganization of beverage section.

Any distinction obtained or award earned is no less than an achievement.

✔ Earned employee of the month award twice in one year (2012) thanks to demonstration of exceptional bartending and maintenance skills.

Your achievement can be a mere reflection of some on the job training you were required to give. For example:

✔ Trained a team of 10 waiters and junior bartenders in beverage preparation and service for a period of two months (Jan-Feb, 2010). 8 of them are working on senior bartender positions today at various outlets of the Coffee and Beverages point.

Whatever contribution you made using your customer dealing skills for the benefit of the company’s business is always worth mentioning. For example:

✔ Improved general client relations through executive rapport building, efficient customer dealing and demonstration of matchless bar tending services; enhancing the number of regular customers by 20% and thus promoting the coffee bar

Bartending is a position that deals with coffee and related beverages. Bartenders often have room to experiment and sometimes, hit upon an excellent recipe. If you have had such an experience, that is no less than an achievement!

✔ Conceived and originated a new recipe of coffee that gained the status of signature coffee for the bar in three months.