14 Bartender Achievements and Accomplishments for Resume

Updated on: January 2, 2023

Bartending is a skilled profession, and not everybody can do justice to this position.

As more and more bar owners and hospitality organizations are employing bartenders these days, the competition is also increasing in this field.

Employers seek talented and skilled bartenders, who will be able to improve their business through their expertise.

A resume for a bartender position should convince the employer that you have the potential to excel. Just stating your experience or mentioning only responsibilities in your resume will not get you an interview.

What employers want to see is evidence of your potential in a real-time environment, and this is where ‘achievements’ come in!

Though it may seem a difficult task to enlist some impressive achievements on your resume, it is in reality quite simple. 

The key here is to list your duties and responsibilities first. View this list and choose some of the areas in which you excelled.  Now you will be able to convert these duties into accomplishments or achievements statements.

Since achievements serve as proof of your enthusiasm for bartending, it is recommended to support your statements with numbers and dates wherever possible.

As prospective employers may contact previous employers, so do not mention anything that cannot be verified by your last employer.

The following is a list of some sample achievements for a bartender resume:

Sample Achievements for Bartender Resume

  1. Increased the bar’s turnover by $5000 per month within the first two months of employment through the reorganization of the beverage section.
  2. Attained employee of the month award twice in one year owing to exceptional bartending and bar maintenance work.
  3. Trained a team of 10 waiters and junior bartenders. All of them are working in senior bartending positions today at various restaurants and bars.
  4. Maintained professional relationships with returning clients.
  5. Provided exceptional customer service that increased 5-star ratings and excellent reviews for ABC Bar.
  6. Utilized excellent bartending skills, and enhanced the regular customer base by 20%.
  7. Conceived and originated a new mix of drinks that gained the status of the ‘top beverage’ of the bar.
  8. Introduced a unique mix of beverages that gained immense popularity and engendered a high number of new customers.
  9. Reorganized bar area which resulted in a 20% increase in overall efficiency.
  10. Reduced operating costs by $6000 per month by introducing fresh food and drinks service ideas.
  11. Improved customer base by engaging in friendly conversation with patrons and ensuring recurring business.
  12. Handled angry customers with tact and delicacy without letting the situation disrupt the flow of bar operations.
  13. Served 20 customers in a busy hour with absolute accuracy for which a bonus was offered.
  14. Promoted a new drink named ‘Pink Flower’ which brought in a profit of $1500 in one night.
  15. Arranged beverages in a compelling style, which resulted in an appreciation letter from the bar owner.
  16. Revamped the cash-in system by implementing a “pay cash in advance” system thereby ensuring that no payments remain pending.

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