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Updated on March 15, 2019

Many people think of summaries as unnecessary adornments on bartender resumes.

They are neither unnecessary nor adornments. They are integral portions of the resume. What does a resume summary do?

It does precisely as its name implies – it summarizes your resume in a few sentences so that all that you have to say, can be said in a few lines!

Why do people write entire resumes then?

Well, you do have to give prospective employer details about your professional life as well, don’t you?

In circumstances where an entire resume is difficult to read – usually because of little time or patience on the employer’s part – the resume summary acts as a savior.


We all know what busy lives human resource/hiring managers lead – the least we can do is make it easy for them to read one more resume. Your bartender resume will become a favorite of an employer merely because it boasted a summary.

Employers who are much too tired to read an entire 2-page resume (because they have read a hundred like it) will be pleased with the idea of reading a summary that is spot on, and immediately make critical hiring decisions.

Impressing a hiring manager by writing a rocking summary is easy if you know which threads to hold on to. Here are some samples to help you:


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Sample Summary Statements for Bartender Resume


For Experienced Bartenders

• Top performing Bartender with 5+ years of progressively responsible experience in handling all aspects of a bar within a busy restaurant setting. Demonstrated ability to prepare drinks to industry standards, present food, and beverage items in an efficient and personable manner. Known to correctly make recommendations according to patrons’ specific tastes.

• Customer service-oriented and diligent Bartender with 9+ years’ track record of success providing beverage services to customers, in a bid to ensure their satisfaction, and pave the way for repeat business. Excellent skills in preparing drinks according to set directions, serving patrons responsibly, and demonstrating exceptional salesmanship.


For Entry Level Bartenders

• Dedicated Bartender boasting of exceptional insight into mixing ingredients to preparing and serving drinks according to set recipes and bar specifications. Exceptionally well-versed in communicating with patrons in a friendly manner, aimed at ensuring their satisfaction and repeat business opportunities.

• Highly motivated and organized Bartender with exceptionally well-placed skills in handling the counter of a busy bar. Deep insight into creating exotic drinks by using quality ingredients, and an exceptional ability to recommend food pairings with entrees and desserts.

• Resourceful Bartender with unmatched skills in mixing drinks, making juices and preparing food in keeping with hospitality policies. Highly experienced in preparing drinks according to specified recipes, using set measuring systems, along with in-depth insight into applicable state liquor laws.

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