Top 3 Server Bartender Resume Examples

Updated on: April 20, 2022

Servers or bartenders are usually the first points of contact in an establishment that serves food and drinks.

They greet guests and customers, seat them, and ask them for their orders. They are expected to mix drinks appropriately and look after their work area.

Servers/bartenders serve food and alcohol and organize and clean tables. They also perform stocking duties and inventory depending on their individual work setting.

If you are looking for a position of server/bartender, the following resume samples will help you in this regard.

Bartender Server Resume Sample 1
12+ Years as a Server and Bartender
Total Years in Workforce: 17
Education: High School Diploma

Patrick Harrison
427 Quimet Way
Billings, MT 36321
(000) 121-4744
pat.harrison @ email . com


An energetic and self-confident individual with extensive experience working in the fast-paced hospitality industry, particularly bartending and serving. Exceptionally well-equipped to maintain a standard of professionalism by performing customer service tasks according to the facility’s specific protocols.

• Mixing and serving alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks to patrons by following set recipes for cocktails and drink mixes.
• Creating mixes from scratch and handling menu development duties and drink promotions.
• Monitoring the intake of alcohol by patrons and taking measures to restrict sale to intoxicated individuals.
• Upselling food and beverage items by engaging patrons in conversation and determining their specific preferences.


Bartender Server
Pebble Beach Resorts, Billings, MT
(Sep 2017 – Present)

Key Achievements

  • Averted a possible ransacking of the restaurant area during a brawl by intervening just in time.
  • Created a mix dubbed as Pat’s Special, which increased clientele by 50%.

Key Responsibilities

  • Greet patrons as they approach the bar and inquire into their choice of drinks.
  • Take orders for alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages and mix them in appropriate quantities.
  • Serve beverages and snacks to patrons at the bar or on their tables.
  • Engage patrons into the conversation to make them comfortable enough to order sidelines and additional drinks.
  • Stock bar shelves with beer, wine, and other liquors and supplies such as ice, glasses, and napkins.
  • Update the inventory of supplies.
  • Plan and organize the operations of the bar to ensure proper customer service.

Bartender Server
AA Company, Billings, MT
(Aug 2010 – Sep 2017)

Key Achievements

  • Smoothed out bar operations by efficiently streamlining delivery and stocking of beverages and associated knickknacks.
  • Singlehandedly planned the restaurant’s menu to complement the drinks offered at the bar, increasing client base by 40% within 6 months.

Key Responsibilities

  • Sliced fruits to use as a garnish for drinks.
  • Planned menus of drinks and associated food items.
  • Check customers’ identities and age before serving drinks to them.
  • Ensured that the bar area and surroundings were kept clean and visually appealing.

Chilli’s, Billings, MT
(Jun 2008 – Aug 2010)

Key Responsibilities

  • Directed customers to their tables, offered menus and served welcome drinks
  • Assisted in taking and relaying orders to the kitchen area and following up on them
  • Ensured portion control by checking prepared orders before serving them
  • Served water and beverages to customers and ensured that their orders were set on their tables within the stipulated timeframe
  • Cleaned tables and chairs and ensured that table and banquet bussing duties were performed in a time-efficient manner

High School Diploma
Billings High School, Billings, MT – 2007

• Patron Service • Ingredients Mixing
• Cocktail Concoction • Inventory Replenishment
• Bar Operations • Sanitation Policies
• Restocking • Serving Etiquette

Bartender Server Resume Sample 2
Experience: 6+ Years Experience as a Server and Bartender
Total Years in the Workforce: 8
Education: High School Diploma

Blaine Edwards
510 Elm Spring Road, Pittsburgh, PA 82737
(000) 999-8565
blained @ email . com


Customer Sevice-focused bartender and server with 6+ years’ experience in artfully describing menu items and taking and serving orders in a time-efficient manner. Adept at mixing drinks in appropriate quantities and handling cash transactions appropriately. Hands-on experience in mixing and serving beverages in correct consistencies.

• Skilled at maintaining appropriate stock levels of beverages and condiments and ensuring that low inventories are handled immediately
• Competent in taking accurate food and beverage orders and ensuring that they are delivered in a timely manner
• Focused on providing exceptional customer services to ensure repeat business opportunities


Bartender Server (5/2018 – Present)
• Greet patrons as they arrive at the bar and provide them with food and beverage menus
• Take orders for food and beverages and provide patrons with a delivery timeline
• Relay food orders to the kitchen and ensure that water and welcome drinks are served
• Create concoctions of alcoholic drinks in accordance with previously set menus
• Mix ingredients including liquor, soda, water, sugar, and bitters to prepare cocktails
• Serve alcoholic and nonalcoholic drinks to customers, along with their food orders
• Observe patrons’ liquor intake and restrict intake when they reach a prescribed mark
• Stock bars with beer, wine, and liquor and ensure that supplies such as water and napkins are available
• Prepare and serve appetizers such as pickles, cheese, and cold meats
• Take cash or credit card payments in exchange of services rendered

• Increased customer base by 20% by introducing Cher Cocktail
• Diffused a particularly difficult situation between two patrons by intervening just as things were about to get nasty

CAPTAIN COOK’S, Pittsburgh, PA
Server (7/2014 – 5/2018)
• Greeted customers and assisted them in finding appropriate tables
• Provided menus and gave suggestions on what to order according to customers’ particular tastes
• Took orders for food and drinks and relayed them to the kitchen
• Followed-up on order to ensure that it is prepared on time
• Deliver orders to tables after ensuring appropriate order portion
• Cleared soiled dishes and glasses and transported them to the washing area
• Placed new table cloths and freshly washed dishware on tables
• Ascertained the general cleanliness and maintenance of the restaurant by coordinating efforts with the custodial staff

• Initiated a supplies inventory system which streamlined inventory procedures
• Retained a particularly high paying patron following a showdown with a staff member

High School Diploma

• Food And Beverages • Cocktail Mixing
• Menu Development • Customer Service
• Responsible Service • Payment Procedures
• “Half-Full” Rule • Food Handling
• Garnishing • Food Preparation
• Conflict Handling • Communication

Server / Bartender Resume Sample 3
Experience: 3+ Years Experience as a Server and Bartender
Total Years in the Workforce: 4
Education: High School Diploma & Certifications

7837 Landry Boulevard
Spring, TX 67399 
(000) 412-5444

Dedicated Server/Bartender with over 3 years’ progressively responsible experience working in diverse hospitality settings. Skilled in mixing and serving food and beverages using modern techniques and good judgment. A proactive individual who anticipates guests’ needs and fulfills them accordingly. Conversant with managing cash and credit card transactions.

• Well-versed in mixing soda, liquor, sugar, and bitters
• Excellent communication and customer service skills
• Proven ability to work well with people of different backgrounds
• ‘Can do’ attitude
• Able to work independently and in a team environment


Server Bartender
Hilton Suites – Spring, TX
Feb 2017 – Present
• Greet customers as they enter and seat them appropriately
• Ask for orders and fill food and beverage orders as required
• Deliver orders to the customers after ensuring accuracy
• Serve alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks as instructed
• Ensure service station is well stocked
• Ensure all food items are prepared to the highest of standards
• Clean up after the customers have left

Marriott – Spring, TX
May 2014 – Jan 2017
• Provided exceptional guest service
• Set up stations and made the bar stocked for operation
• Cleaned and organized the whole premises
• Maintained storage areas, service stations, and dining room
• Upheld visual appearance standards of the bar

OLCC Servers Permit – Current
Food Handlers Card – Current

High school Diploma
Spring High School, Spring, TX

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