11 Bartender Server Skills Statements for Resume

Updated on: August 12, 2021

One of the first questions that interviewers ask when trying to judge how well a bartender or server can fit into their organization is how skilled they are.

But the interview stage is probably not the first place where you will hear the word skill.

In fact, you will have to deal with it in your resume and cover letter as well. And by the interview stage, you should pretty much be aware of how to answer this question.

The only place where skills can be written (and in detail) is the resume. And this is where they hold the most importance. The fact that an entire section is dedicated to writing just the skills, is proof enough of their importance.

Sometimes, it can become tricky to decide what to write under the skills section.

Many of us know exactly how skilled and experienced we are but fail to put it into words, making it difficult for hiring managers to judge us fairly. And this leads to us not being chosen for the job even though we are nothing less than perfect!


1. Highly experienced in mixing alcoholic beverages in the correct quantities and in accordance with customers’ preferences.

2. Demonstrated ability to handle the bar stocking activities, with special focus on the constant availability of beverages and side orders.

3. Exceptionally well-versed in planning, organizing, and controlling the operations of cocktail lounges and bars.

4. Proven record of efficiently handling procurement duties by creating and maintaining effective liaisons with suppliers.

5. Deep familiarity with planning drinks menus to complement the facility’s main food menu.

6. Documented success in determining customers’ specific beverage penchants and efficiently mixing and serving wine, draft, and bottled beer according to their preferences.

7. Proficient in quickly and accurately mixing drinks and serving them to customers in a time-efficient manner.

8. Adept at correctly processing cash and credit card payments by efficiently operating cash registers.

9. Able to manage bar operations and maintain liquor and bar supplies.

10. Completely well-versed in monitoring the intake of alcohol by customers and prohibiting sale to intoxicated individuals.

11. Focused on creating and maintaining effective relationships with customers by engaging them in conversation, in a bid to ensure repeat business.