Bartender Interview Questions and Answers

August 26, 2018

Position Overview

Bartenders work in restaurants, hotels, and bars where they mix drinks and serve customers. Depending on their place of work, bartenders may work as servers, but in most places, their job is behind the bar counter.

Bartenders need to be great managers too as they are required to handle different types of people in different situations.

While bartenders are expected to encourage customers to drink more in order to sell more and receive tips, they have the challenging job of handling customers who have had too much to drink or are getting rowdy.

Bartenders are selected very carefully as mixing drinks is not the only task of this job. They also need to keep the bar well stocked and should have knowledge of how to mix drinks in keeping with state and federal laws. They check for identification before serving customers and are also expected to keep track of their bills.

The following is a list of some possible interview questions along with appropriate answers for bartender interview.


Bartender Interview Questions and Answers

In a nutshell, what is bartending?
Bartending means helping customers with the menu selection, taking their orders and serving food and beverages in a welcoming, courteous and efficient way to attain the utmost level of guest satisfaction. It also includes mixing drinks, garnishing food, keeping bar well-stocked and organized, and maintaining cleanliness of bar area.

There are numerous opportunities for bartenders available in the market at present. Why do you want to work with us?
I researched a lot about different employers, but your company appealed the most to me because it offers the best services to guests in the town. Also, you provide excellent opportunities for employee development and career growth which is not comparable to any of your competitors.

What are your qualifications and experience as a bartender?
I attended ABC Bartending School in New York before my joining of The Keg and Cork where I worked as a bartender for four years.

Do you possess any relevant certification?
Yes! I possess:
• TIPS certification
• Mixologist training from Brinker International
• Food Sanitation certificate with three months of trainee employment at California State County kitchen

What are your key strengths as a bartender?
I have a proven ability to quickly take, prepare and serve all bar orders for beverages and food, greet guests and communicate effectively. Moreover, I am highly skilled in mixing ingredients to make cocktails and maintaining the cleanliness of the bar. Besides my regular tasks, I am also able to perform the duties of a server, in a backup function as needed.

In a bar full of customers, how do you decide on priority?
I usually go from left to right while acknowledging to all customers that I am working on their orders. In some situations, I even work on the first-come-first-served basis.

Compare yourself with your previous co-workers and rate your customer service ability. Explain why?
On a scale of one to ten, I would rate myself between eight and nine because I had always been able to make my customers satisfied utilizing high-quality hospitality and customer service skills. I never received any complaints.

For serving customers what personal traits do you think a bartender should possess?
A bartender needs to have an outgoing, friendly, patient, courteous and extrovert personality for excellent customer service. Also, they must be punctual, organized and tidy.

How would you manage cash transactions at the counter?
Ringing customer checks into the system, collecting cash, recording it and returning change accurately and efficiently. I am also able to process credit/debit card transactions and billings carefully following appropriate company policies and procedures.

How would you handle a shortage of cash in your drawer at the end of your shift?
It had happened to me once when on a jam-packed night I missed the payment from a customer. I paid from my pocket because it was my responsibility. Since then, I make sure that each customer pays before he leaves the premise.

According to State and Federal Laws, what implications do you need to take care of?
We need to check the identification cards of the customers for age verification according to the State and Federal Law requirements. Also, the rule for maximum consumption limit has to be followed and applied to the customers as well.

If you see an underage person, what would you do?
I would ask him to leave, and if I am shown any resistance, I will call my manager or the bouncer depending on the severity of the situation.

What should be the primary characteristics of a bartender?
In my opinion, a bartender is supposed to be a well mannered, sociable and prompt with a sense of humor. He must have excellent attention to detail and able to multitask in a busy environment.

Are you comfortable wearing bar uniform?
Yes! It would be a great pleasure for me.

Can you work on rotating shifts?
Yes! I am enthusiastically willing to work nights and weekends.

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