Teacher’s Aide Job Description

Updated on: September 20, 2018

Despite what many people think, assisting in teaching is not an easy job, and everyone cannot perform a teacher’s aide duties effectively. These professionals are hired to help teachers in carrying out classroom duties and administrative/correspondence work. This may also include providing support in imparting instructions or managing behavior of students outside the classroom.

The significance of teacher’s aides is high as they are responsible for ensuring a positive learning environment. They also provide clerical support to teachers by providing information to build and prepare classroom materials. Essentially, a teacher’s aide is hired to share the workload of a teacher in order to ensure that a classroom is managed effectively.

If you are building a resume for the position of a teacher’s aide or appearing in an interview, you may want to go through the following job duties, so you can understand what may be expected from you. It is beneficial for applicants from the USA, Australia, NZ, and the UK.

Teacher's Aide

Teacher’s Aide Job Description

• Assist lead teachers in planning, designing and implementing curriculum
• Provide assistance in preparing lesson plans
• Impart classroom instruction in accordance to lesson plans
• Supervise and control students during class and when the lead teacher is not present
• Assist students in carrying out classroom activities
• Assist students during lunchtime
• Observe students for developmental issues and communicate findings to lead teachers
• Implement age-appropriate activities and monitor safety throughout
• Research information for lesson development
• Communicate progress and observations to parents
• Maintain student records and perform other clerical tasks
• Help in maintaining a clean and organized classroom
• Ensure sanitation of all surfaces, equipment, and toys
• Assist students in social skills development
• Assist in putting up bulletins
• Accompany young students to the bathroom
• Take attendance and make copies of tests
• Assist in grading test papers and exams
• Assist in checking workbooks and homework
• Operate equipment such as projectors and computers for instructional purposes
• Maintain appropriate classroom discipline and decorum
• Prepare and distribute worksheets
• Ensure that students retain information by repeating information constantly and practicing patience
• Deliver instruction in the absence of the lead teacher
• Perform hall and bus duty as instructed by the lead teacher