Teacher Aide Resume Example

Updated on: March 7, 2022

A teacher’s aide resume is a critical component of your job application set.

In order to write a great resume, you can take ideas from the following resume sample:

Teacher Aide Resume Example

Alvin Fowler
456 Bonad Road
Winchester, MA 01852
(000) 528-9855
alvinfowler @ email . com


Responsible teacher’s aide with a proven track record of providing support to students within the class while ensuring that their academic goals are met. Proficient in preparing effective lesson materials, supervising students, creating and administering tests, and organizing extracurricular activities. A highly innovative individual who has a deep sense of responsibility and a positive attitude towards problematic situations.

– Instructional Support
– Activities-based Teaching
– Grading
– Class Supervision
– Behavior Modeling
– Behavior Deescalating
– Student Development
– Student Assessment


Teacher’s Aide
(6/2015 – Present)
• Assist teachers in imparting lessons according to the set class curriculum.
• Create and distribute teaching aids and materials to assist teachers with their lessons.
• Oversee students’ activities within the class to ensure that they are following instructions and are kept safe.
• Observe students, determine signs of distress, and attend to their needs immediately.
• Assist in the assessment and evaluation of students by providing honest feedback to the lead teacher.
• Provide support in preparing, distributing, and grading exam papers and tests.
• Assist students in understanding difficult to grasp concepts by providing them with individual attention.
• Create and compile students’ grades so that they can be used for reporting purposes.
Key Achievements
• Played a major role in implementing an activities-based curriculum, which increased student interest in the class.
• Introduced a series of “negative behavior de-escalating” techniques, decreased student mayhem at a staggering rate.
• Held several student development workshops as part of the school’s effort to train new teacher’s aides.

School Office Assistant
(1/2007 – 5/2015)
• Greeted parents and visitors and provided them with information on admissions and school facilities.
• Assisted in filling out admission forms, and ensured that they were adequately and timely processed.
• Helped teachers in creating class curriculums and lesson plans by helping them stay within school protocols.
• Provided support to teachers in determining grading systems so that they can mark papers effectively.
• Filed students’ records by ensuring absolute security and confidentiality.

Bachelor’s Degree in Education