School Aide Job Description for Resume

Updated on: August 3, 2021

Position Overview

School aides, teacher aides, and teaching assistants perform more or less the same type of duties.

They provide assistance to lead teachers (and sometimes to the school office) in imparting lessons and handling classroom activities.

In many instances, school aides supervise student arrival and dismissal and manage meal sessions.

They are also responsible for providing students with assistance during classroom sessions and assisting teachers in developing teaching resources.

The work of a school aide is multifaceted. Depending on the type of school that they are working for, they may be required to work within the classroom environment only or provide assistance to the school system on the whole – or both.

Job Requirements

Eligibility criteria to work as a school aide is an associate degree at the very least, preferably in education or a related field.

One has to be on one’s toes all the time which is why it is imperative for school aides to be physically fit.

Patience is a virtue when it comes to working as a school aide as you may have to deal with disobedient children or those who have special needs.

Job Description for School Aide Resume

• Monitor student arrivals and departures and mark any students that come late.

• Take and mark attendance and ensure that attendance sheets are looked over by the lead teacher on a daily basis.

• Assist teachers in developing lesson plans and imparting lessons on a daily basis.

• Monitor students during class to ensure that they behave in a proper manner.

• Provide assistance to students in handling class assignments and understanding difficult concepts.

• Hand out assignments and worksheets and ensure that all are collected at the end of the class.

• Set up teaching equipment such as projectors to assist teachers with their teaching efforts.

• Observe students during meal sessions and outdoor activities to ensure student welfare and wellbeing.

• Monitor students in bathrooms to ensure their safety and compliance with school safety rules.

• Serve as a health advocate for students by providing them with personal hygiene information.

• Assist lead teachers in checking assignments and exam papers and grading them according to set school standards.

• Observe students to determine any signs of problems or diseases and notify teachers immediately.

• Provide support to the school office by creating and maintaining filing systems for school records.