Teacher Aide Interview Questions and Answers

Updated: November 17, 2020

By following a few tips and tricks, you can ace your interview in no time. Many people dwell on the fact that preparation is the key to a successful interview but do not specify how to prepare.

How to prepare for a teacher aide interview?

Your best bet at preparing for an interview is to read the job description thoroughly and make a list of all the corresponding skills that you have.

Matching the requirements of the employer to your skills is an excellent way of finding out what you may be asked at an interview.

Different interviewers will ask different questions, so you cannot prepare for all the questions that will be put to you. What you can do is prepare for all possible questions – a teacher aide, for instance, will be asked questions that test her ability to work with children from different backgrounds.

Ask yourself what you know about children?

Are you someone to whom children are drawn automatically?

What do you know about fulfilling the emotional, social, and educational needs of children?

To make things a little easier for you, have a look at some of the possible questions (and good answers) that you will be asked during an interview for a teacher aide position:

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Teacher Aide Interview Questions and Answers

1. Please, tell us about yourself.

I am a children-focused and dedicated individual who has been working as a Teacher Aide with children and adolescents for three years.

Also, I have an associate degree in early childhood education and three years of on-the-job training as a Teacher Aide.

My work experience contains; operating procedures of the school, teamwork, recording keeping, computer and AV equipment training, and planning of material for the classroom.

2. What is your understanding of the role of the Teacher Aide?

A Teacher Aide works under the direct supervision of a lead teacher in order to achieve classroom goals.

They are required to be excellent communicators having a calm and patient personality, which I confidently possess. In addition, a teacher aide needs to work on assigned tasks, prepare education plans, arrange preliminary meetings, and impart lessons.

3. What are your motivations and expectations?

I have a strong passion for education and look forward to understanding and involving students in a stimulating manner, so they become attracted to learning. I understand the challenges of this position and am determined to take an accurate grasp of daily activities and tasks.

4. Imagine it is your first day as a Teacher Aide to the first grade. The teacher has informed you of their unavailability and has handed control of the class to you. What would be your first step to prepare the classroom?

I will make sure that the class exhibits an environment that is warm, inviting, and nurturing so that children are not intimidated by the change. I would decorate the class with creative ideas that place children at the center of attention.

I would make sure that all the materials needed for the day’s lesson are complete and in order. I will set several activities that the children will enjoy indulging in and feel comfortable with their surroundings.

5. What are your three major strengths?

I am passionate about education, having excellent clerical, and communication skills.

6. What are your weaknesses?

I am very fussy about the tiny details and face a hard time when away from technology.

7. Do you have a flexible personality? If so, tell us how?

Yes, I am a flexible person and easily adapt to new environments. I enjoy new challenges. I understand people, as well as students, have different levels of learning and also the manner in which they learn. I can effectively communicate and create a bond with children from different cultural, economic, and social backgrounds.

8. What do you think is the most challenging aspect of being a Teacher Aide?

I think the position in itself is gratifying, but, yes, it can sometimes become rather challenging when the workload is too much and hard to handle, especially near the assessment stage.

9. What ways would you use to evaluate and assess students?

I make use of various techniques when it comes to evaluating and assessing students. Formal and informal assessment measures help in giving a boost to academic development but also enhances social and physical development. Therefore, I used quizzes, discussions, and group activities.

10. If a child hits you, what would be your reaction?

I will talk to the child in private and communicate with them that such behavior is highly inappropriate in the classroom and will not be accepted. Then, I will call and inform the child’s parents about the behavior and discuss a way to solve this problem.

11. Why does teaching interest you? What are your plans as far as teaching is concerned?

Making a difference in children’s lives is what teaching is all about. And it is not just academics that I am talking about. Teaching interests me because it has the capacity to transform lives for the better. Eventually, I would like to work as a lead teacher where I will have more opportunities to engage children in activities that help them integrate into society as confident members.

12. What is the essence of a teacher aide’s job?

Teacher aides assist lead teachers in imparting class instruction and ensuring students’ well-being. They create learning materials, assist students in carrying out assignments, and oversee their progress. In the event of adversity, teacher aides are responsible for ensuring order.

13. Have you ever been in a situation where your skills as an individual, rather than a teacher aide, were tested? Describe what happened.

I was once working alongside an SNA (special needs assistant) who was assigned to a student in my class. I realized that the child would become obviously distressed from time to time, and I couldn’t understand why – until I saw the SNA quietly hitting the child under the table, every time he would make a mistake. Needless to say, I was infuriated and confronted her – it took all my might not to scream at her.

14. Have you ever worked with children with autism? How do you feel about it?

Yes, I have. Working with autistic children is an awesome experience. Despite the fact that they are shunned from “normal” society, I have found them to be extremely intelligent individuals – sometimes even more so than regular children. I feel that they need to be given encouragement to operate in non-conventional ways.