Admission Representative Job Description and Duties

Updated on: September 20, 2018

The academic arena employs many professionals to help its operations run smoothly. In order to manage admissions process appropriately, it is essential that admission representatives are hired to ensure appropriate recruiting and evaluation of students. Admission representatives serve as primary contact for new students and are expected to assist them in facilitating admission procedures.

Mostly popular amongst graduates, the position of an admissions representative is demanding and fun at the same time. As college graduates are aware of the procedures since they have gone through it themselves, they are often considered a good choice for this position. The primary responsibility of admissions representatives is to represent the institution positively.

They are expected to possess a thorough understanding of the institute’s policies so that they can relay this information to students on their tours to different schools. They participate in college fairs and organize interviews with student groups.

To be able to understand more what this position’s significance is, let us look at the list of duties that a person working as an admission representative is expected to perform.


Job Description of Admission Representative 

• Positively represent the institution by acting as the first point of contact
• Promote the institute through college fairs and social networking activities
• Communicate with high school management and students to gauge academic interests
• Provide information to students regarding courses offered and policies and procedures
• Review students’ applications for eligibility
• Provide students with information on admission procedures
• Assist students with filling out admission forms
• Assist students in making appropriate career choices
• Provide heads up on interviews to prepare students
• Set up appointments with students and assist in interviewing them
• Conduct campus tours to familiarize students with the campus
• Represent the institute at career fairs and student events
• Answer questions regarding academic programs
• Provide information regarding the institute’s courses and financial aid eligibility
• Identify prospective applicants for set college programs
• Prepare presentation packages and distribute them at events
• Prepare and deliver presentations at seminars
• Answer queries over the telephone
• Enroll students by punching in information in college or university databases
• Assist students in applying for financial aid