Caretaker Duties and Responsibilities

Updated on: June 11, 2021

The responsibilities of a caretaker are often mixed up with those of a caregiver job description. These two positions may be the same in essence but are entirely different in the practical sense.

While caregivers provide support to people, caretakers are responsible for looking after inanimate things, usually property. They are expected to provide land stewardship by making sure that the area under their care is productive and free from damage.

Caretakers ensure the security of a building or land. It may include them guaranteeing the safety of the premises and preventing unauthorized personnel from entering or damaging the property.

They are also responsible for documenting the various occurrences that may transpire including power outages and sewerage issues. Caretakers work in many environments including schools, farms, cemeteries, construction sites, and hospitals.

Following are a number of duties and responsibilities of a caretaker in his or her role in different types of organizations:

Caretaker Duties and Responsibilities

General Caretaker Job Description and Duties

• Open premises at the beginning of each work shift and ensure that it is properly secured at the end of the day
• Monitor CCTV systems and respond to alarms
• Ensure locking of all windows and blinds at the end of the day
• Make emergency repairs and ensure limited maintenance of the building
• Ensure that the premise is clean and free of hazardous materials
• Supervise janitorial staff to ensure appropriate cleaning activities
• Take and maintain delivered items and dispatch goods and materials as instructed
• Carry out First Aid and CPR in the event of an emergency and ensure that all emergency equipment is ready to use at all times

School Caretaker Job Description and Duties

• Ensure prevention of trespassers
• Respond to alarms and assist in cases of emergencies
• Ensure that the school building is safe especially during the night
• Mend fences and plow snow to help students and staff to enter and exit school premises
• Check and secure school at the end of the day

Site Caretaker Job Description and Duties

• Clean and maintain the interior and exterior of newly constructed buildings
• Ensure that all debris is removed from the site
• Perform some repair and maintenance activities
• Manage inventory of tools and supplies
• Ensure that site is secured each night

Cemetery Caretaker Job Description and Duties

• Use a variety of tools and machinery to transplant shrubs
• Ensure that all new graves are dug to the appropriate level
• Assist in lifting and placing caskets in graves
• Align and clean headstones using brushes and sprays
• Remove snow, ice, and debris and assist in mulching and pruning activities
• Ensure that all graves and headstones are saved from acts of vandalism