Preschool Teacher’s Aide Job Description Sample

Updated on: March 26, 2022
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A preschool teacher’s aide assists the lead teacher in looking after children in a class.

They are entrusted with helping and supervising children in social and developmental activities along with ensuring that they are fed and changed on time.

Not everyone can be a successful preschool teacher’s aide.

Handling children who are less than five years of age is not an easy job.

Children at this age are demanding, and the responsibilities associated with looking after them are enormous. This is the main reason that preschools hire more than one teacher to handle a class.

People who work in this position should have a natural love for children and the patience to handle them.

Since preschool is all about school readiness, preschool teachers ensure that they assist children in developing their social and cognitive skills as well as provide them with basic education.

The primary purpose of a preschool teacher’s aide is to interact with children and provide them a comforting and nurturing environment that is conducive to learning.

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Preschool Teacher’s Aide Job Duties and Responsibilities

• Assist the lead teacher in imparting classroom instruction based on a predefined curriculum.

• Maintain a safe and organized classroom environment for children.

• Assist the lead teacher in ensuring the physical, social, cognitive, and educational excellence of children.

• Ensure that the classroom is aesthetically attractive so that students enjoy their surroundings while learning lessons.

• Provide support to the lead teacher in planning lessons and daily activities based on the principles of child development.

• Ensure the development of positive relationships with children in promoting self-esteem and self-discipline.

• Observe each child, assess their skills, interests, and needs, and use this information to facilitate individual learning and growth.

• Record any crucial observations regarding student development and ensure that it is communicated to the lead teacher.

• Assist the lead teacher in handling evaluation and creating reports.

• Provide comfort to distressed children through compassion and tact.

• Assist children in embarking and disembarking from school buses and accompany them to their classrooms.

• Support children during lunchtime and ensure that their nutritional needs are fulfilled.

• Change diapers and help children in cleaning themselves.

• Oversee children and make sure that they are safe during outdoor activities.

• Assume the lead teacher’s role in the absence thereof.

• Record attendance and ensure that attendance data is entered into the school database.

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