Lead Teacher Job Description

Updated on: May 31, 2019

Position Overview

Teaching is a tough job, especially if you’re working as a lead teacher.

At this position, you are responsible for your students’ learning as well as the work of an assistant teacher.

The main work of a lead teacher is to provide instruction to her or his class.

This will include drawing out lesson plans, creating a classroom environment which is conducive to learning, and ensuring students’ wellbeing and safety.

Position Requirements

Typically, a degree in education or the subject that you are teaching is sufficient to be considered eligible for a lead teacher position.

Prior experience in this regard, or even in an assistant teacher position is usually required to work as a lead teacher.

It is important to realize that working in this position is not everyone’s ball game. Everyone cannot be a good teacher.

Unless you can create and implement curriculums and lesson plans effectively, you must not consider applying for this position.

Here is what you will be doing on any typical workday as a lead teacher:

Lead Teacher Job Description (Duties and Responsibilities)

• Create and implement core class or subject curriculum in sync with the school management.

• Develop lesson plans and ensure that they are correctly delivered.

• Provide instruction to students on a one on one basis or in groups.

• Assist students in developing an understanding of difficult concepts.

• Ensure that all students are on par with each other, and provide special instructions where required.

• Set behavioral standards and ensure that each student follows them accurately.

• Oversee student behavior within the class, ensuring that intervention is made where needed.

• Create class assignments and assist students in completing them.

• Issue homework assignments and provide specific insights into how to handle them.

• Check both homework and classwork following provided instructions.

• Create an exam and test papers and administer testing processes.

• Grade exam or test papers, ensuring that appropriate grading protocols are followed.

• Ensure that classroom are properly set so that they are safe for students.

• Assist young or preschool students with lunch during breaks.

• Oversee the work of assistant teachers, ensuring that their training needs are met.

• Provide work instructions to assistant teachers at the beginning of each day.

• Oversee and monitor students during lunch and play times in order to ensure their safety and wellbeing.

• Handle attendance marking work, ensuring that attendance records are appropriately maintained.

• Highlight or escalate behavior issues to the school management.

• Meet with parents to provide feedback regarding their children’s progress and problems.

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