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Updated on: October 23, 2021

A tutor’s resume has to be extremely well-developed in order for it to be considered for the position.

In a tutor’s resume, you have to make sure that your tutoring skills are properly highlighted.

In fact, you should emphasize your tutoring methods especially for the subjects that you have to teach.

And if you have to teach all subjects, make sure that your resume is well-rounded from all ends.

Here is one that you can look through as an example:

Sample Resume for Tutor Position

Zane Waldo
199 London Avenue, Bethany Beach, DE52202
(000) 258-9565


Exceptionally talented Tutor with 9+ years of experience in providing one on one and group tuition to students. Highly skilled in scheduling tutoring appointments with parents. Ability to research and recommend textbooks, software, and other learning materials to complement tutoring efforts.


  • Implemented a one on one tutoring strategy, as a result, increased 3 levels in students’ grades.
  • Introduced the concept of parent collaboration, hence, reduced parents’ concern regarding their children’s progress.
  • Devised a series of creative lesson plans, resulting in increased interest from previously bored students.
  • Led a technology-based tutoring method, as a result, increased 10 students’ grades by 30%.


Greene Valley Tutors, Bethany Beach, DE
6/2015 – Present

  • Engage students in conversation in order to determine their personalities.
  • Interview parents to figure out the causes and areas of concern regarding students’ progress.
  • Create and implement core lesson plans to meet the individual goals of each student.
  • Impart education spanning different subjects, ensuring that teaching speed matches learning abilities.
  • Adjust levels to the individual abilities of each student.
  • Pay extra attention to students with problems such as learning difficulties.
  • Teach skills using technology, computers, and slides.
  • Assess students in order to determine their specific progress.
  • Assist students in developing healthy educational habits, specifically related to subject matters.

Teacher Assistant
Hastings Schools, Bethany Beach, DE
2/2009 – 5/2015

  • Assisted teachers in creating and implementing lesson plans.
  • Provided one on one and group assistance in terms of teaching concepts.
  • Oversaw student behavior.
  • Ensured students’ safety in classrooms and during breaks and game time.
  • Created and maintained students’ attendance and progress records.

Bachelor’s Degree in English
Delaware State University, Bethany Beach, DE 

• Teaching Methodologies
• Performance Monitoring
• Records Maintenance
• Parent Liaison
• Workshop Facilitation
• Class Material Review
• Materials Development
• Lesson Planning
• Training 
• Positive Reinforcement
• Progress Assessment
• Creative Learning 

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