Tutor Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: February 26, 2018

A tutor provides academic help to assigned students, either in a small group or individually and writes tutoring plans upon review of student requirements and course textbooks.

S/he is supposed to ensure that students who possess the knowledge of a subject but may have some weak areas are assisted to achieve better grades.

Having said that, tutors are responsible for maintaining liaison with both teachers and parents to identify vulnerable areas and work towards fixing them.

When sending your job application for a tutoring position, it is essential to include an attractive cover letter that contains a brief overview of your tutoring abilities, career goals, and aspirations.

Tailor your cover letter in a specific manner so you will be considered as someone must be called for an interview.

Mention your specific tutoring skills and explain how these capabilities will make you the apple of Students’ eye.



Sample Cover Letter for Tutor Job


889 Debbie Drive
Meriden, CT 21212

February 26, 2018

Mr. Lester Anderson
ITT Educational Services
663 Summer Street
Meriden, CT 77773


Dear Mr. Anderson:

I recently learned about your Tutor position at ITT Educational Services through indeed.com and would like to be considered for this position. As a highly motivated and experienced Tutor with a strong background in providing professional tutoring services to students with diverse backgrounds, I can exceed your expectations. I am confident that my strong desire to help students achieve their goals will go a long way in providing high-quality services to your organization.

I have been working at Meriden High School for seven years and developed excellent knowledge of providing customized tutoring services to students. My ability to work with students, teachers, and parents to find out their weakest points and the aspiration to work towards providing strengthening services has been commended many times. Moreover, my know-how to design and conduct workshops and develop interactive materials for students would enable me to produce excellent results. Additionally, I possess a positive attitude and a passion for assisting struggling learners.

My resume is enclosed herewith and will provide you with all other information that you will need to process my application. I’d like to set up an appointment to talk further with you about this Tutor position, for which I will call your office next week. If you need to reach me before that, I will be available at (200) 922-2992.

Thank you for your time. I look forward to meeting you soon.



Angelina Torque

Enc. Resume