Online Tutor Resume Sample

Updated on: August 8, 2016

Resumes are windows to your professional and personal presence in the world. And they are also considered a pathway to you as a possible candidate for an advertised position. However, not all resumes can bring these results. A well-written resume that has the ability to tell a story is what makes for a brilliant connection between a hiring authority and a candidate.

Focusing on placing the right information in your resume is what makes it stand out. The next time you prepare your resume, keep all this in mind so that you do not fall short of the hiring manager’s expectations. Here is how you can do this:


Online Tutor Resume Sample


Cody Ryan

221 Front Street ● Hoonah, AK 09852 ● (000) 145-7454 ● codyryan @ email . com


Performance Summary: Experienced online tutor with a track record of imparting online lessons to students. Exceptionally well-versed in encouraging students’ active involvement and participation by creating a contributory virtual learning environment.

• Qualified to conduct and facilitate learning procedures to assist students in learning course materials
• Demonstrated ability to help students improve their understanding of concepts taught in a real time class environment and the capability to manage each subject as a whole
• Competent in motivating students by providing them with a virtual environment that is fun and nurturing, to encourage their participation and motivate them on the whole


• Collaborative Learning Techniques • Progress Evaluation
• Study Skills Incorporation • Online Study Strategies
• Discussion Forums Management • Constructive Feedback
• Tutoring Resource Development • Technically Savvy
• Homework Assistance • Learning Environment Creation
• Comprehension Improvement • Standardized Online Grading

• Developed and implemented an online grading system which worked in sync with state grading systems with just one command
• Introduced Study Mod, a comprehensive online (video) tutoring software, created especially for online tutoring purposes
• Created a bank of online teaching resources by performing dedicated research activities for each assigned discipline
• Trained 12 online tutors in online study strategies and teaching students how to incorporate study skills into daily work modules


Online Tutor
RIVERSIDE ONLINE TUTORS, Hoonah, AK (6/2012 – Present)

• Comprehend the basics of academic programs assigned to students and create lesson plans accordingly
• Assist students in learning concepts by providing them with augmentation on concepts already taught in class
• Ascertain that students’ weak areas (subjects) are paid special attention to
• Motivate and encourage students to provide them with confidence so that they can thrive in an actual classroom environment
• Set ground rules for online behavior so that class interruption is minimized
• Assist students in developing their study skills in accordance to the needs of each subject
• Monitor student progress and ensue that a periodic evaluation is conducted
• Handle online technical problems such as video issues or connectivity problems

Assistant Teacher
ST. CHARLES ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, Hoonah, AK (1/2010 – 5/2012)

• Provided support to the lead teacher in imparting lessons and managing classroom decorum
• Designed and developed teaching aids to help students in understanding concepts and to be used in projects
• Assisted students with their classwork, especially those struggling with difficult concepts
• Ascertained that all students were kept safe by ensuring that the class environment is secured properly
• Assisted in grading papers and notebooks and monitored students for signs of distress or illnesses
• Oversaw students to ensure their wellbeing by monitoring their activities during play time and recess

Bachelor’s Degree in Education – 2008