Math Tutor Resume Sample

Updated on: April 18, 2018

If you have ever been worked in a situation where you had to screen resumes, you will know what types make it to the employer’s desk. And which ones are rejected?

Even if you haven’t been in such a situation, you should be able to figure out a little what successful resume writing formulas are.

Sometimes, the pressure of writing a good resume takes a toll on us, and we end up drafting ones that aren’t so special. What we have to do is make sure that we do not succumb to the pressure.

Resume writing pressure should be eliminated. All you have to do is collect all relevant information to put on your resume and choose a format that is acceptable. And you are good to go!

Here is a resume sample for a math tutor position that you can look through:


Math Tutor Resume Sample


Thomas Bean

(000) 999-9999 ● tobean @ email . com
8 Byers Lane ● De Soto, MO 83736


• Self-directed, resourceful teaching professional with a strong vision to achieve successful outcomes of teaching mathematics to students.
• Demonstrated strong lesson planning and imparting skills, along with contributing to a friendly and productive learning environment.
• Documented success in assisting students to learn mathematical concepts via individual and group tutoring.
• Proficient in differentiating tutoring modules by taking into account the individual learning abilities of target students.
• Adept at encouraging and fostering intellectual curiosity by imparting interactive lesson plans.
• Knowledge of setting appropriate tasks and challenges for homework according to published timetables.


• Lesson planning • Strategic learning • Material development
• Research • Evaluation • Peer tutoring
• Work scheduling • Communication • Report development
• Personal development • Assessments • Instructional modification

• Introduced a series of strategic teaching methods which increased students’ interest in learning mathematical concepts by 30%
• Implemented peer tutoring services for students which helped them become successful, independent learners
• Led an evaluation/assessment directive aimed at judging how well students perform when they are not under pressure
• Created 45 sets of instructional materials to be used during mathematics classes for elementary school students


Math Tutor
ABC SCHOOL, De Soto, MO (6/2008 to Present)
• Comprehend each students’ individual needs for understanding complex mathematical concepts
• Thoroughly go through existing mathematics curriculum and create supportive lesson plans
• Implement lesson plans to groups of students by concentrating on their abilities
• Assist students in understanding how technology can be used to effectively utilize campus resources
• Promote a classroom environment that is safe and conducive to learning and instruction
• Develop instructional materials to help students understand the concepts of mathematics easily
• Conduct ongoing assessments to determine students’ adaptability to classroom environments
• Encourage parental involvement in students’ education and ensure that appropriate and effective communication is maintained with parents
• Assess curriculum suitability and make changes to the mathematics curriculum to suit the individual needs of students
• Assist students in understanding concepts and handling class assignments
• Plan, create and administer tests and ensure that they are graded according to the grade sheets provided by the school
• Create and maintain records of students in a confidential manner

In-home Math Teacher
TUTORS’ GUILD, De Soto, MO (1/2004 to 6/2008)
• Assisted students in understanding complex mathematical concepts
• Provided support with math homework by ensuring that students understand what is required of them and how to attempt answering the questions
• Showed students how to make effective use of resources to comprehend concepts and handle lab session
• Performed research and collected materials to assist students in understanding difficult math problems
• Selected appropriate reference books to assist students in learning concepts for class

SOME COLLEGE, De Soto, MO – 2009
Bachelor of Science in Mathematics