English Tutor Resume Sample

Updated on: April 18, 2018

Overview and Guidelines

Resume writing time again? No, you cannot use an existing resume.

You need a customized one. One that will tell the employer that you took out the time to read the job advertisement and created a resume according to it.

Many people read job headings and do not bother to go past English Tutor Wanted. They are quick to rehash an old resume to make it “good enough” for an English tutor job and send it on. But what about the job description under the heading? Isn’t that important too? Yes, it is!

Reading the job description in detail is very important. You have to be very careful here.

If the job description doesn’t say that it needs someone who can create curriculums, you don’t need to put it on your resume. For an English tutor position, you can format your resume like this:


English Tutor Resume Example


Filipe Walker

173 Pebble Way ● Tampa, ID 83332 ● (000) 414-1411 ● [Email]


Self-directed and resourceful English Tutor with a knack for teaching enthusiastically in a bid to create and retain students’ interest. Skilled in the design and implementation of hands-on lessons to help students meet their learning objectives. Verifiable track record of creating lesson plans aimed at assisting students in understanding difficult concepts. Expert in assisting students in gaining a deeper understanding of reading materials and developing their writing skills
• Documented success in performing key student evaluations to determine their knowledge of English language and literature
• Familiar with procedures to decipher learning difficulties and assisting them in overcoming them


– Reading comprehension – Grammatical concepts – Literature assessments
– ESL – Speech assistance – Homework review
– STEM learning – Expository writing – Student evaluation
– E-tutoring – Lesson planning – Material Research

• Introduce E-tutoring through which 1500 international students were taught English as a second language
• Implement an evaluation system that assessed new students’ English learning abilities, and provide a grade point for individual abilities
• Conducted a series of writing and grammar workshops for students struggling with these concepts
• Created a series of projects, specially designed to enhance English lectures imparted in schools


English Tutor
TUTORING SERVICES INC., Tampa, ID | 3/2010 – Present
• Conduct assessments to analyze students’ capabilities and limitations
• Provided feedback to students to make sure that they are aware of the areas that they need to work on
• Instruct students on interpreting English literature content through references
• Encourage students to read books, including classics and contemporary novels in a bid to help them understand different points of view
• Help students in understanding language concepts and their application
• Organize and deliver lectures based on school curriculums
• Prepare classroom and coursework materials and assist with homework assignments
• Develop English lesson plans and convert them into proper instructions for students to comprehend easily
• Assist students in writing essays by ensuring correct grammar and sentence construction placement
• Guide students in speaking English correctly and fluently

In-home English Teacher
TBG LEARNING, Tampa, ID | 1/2005 – 3/2010
• Provided students with information on correct grammatical structures
• Assisted in sentence construction and essay writing activities
• Provide support in completing English homework assignments by ensuring that independence is maintained
• Helped students in understanding Shakespearean English in plays
• Worked along the lines of present English curriculum to augment students’ concepts for class

Master’s Degree in English