Peer Tutor Coordinator Job Description for Resume

Updated on: April 19, 2018

Peer tutors coordinators ensure that students are provided with subject instructions, in addition to what they receive at school.

Their primary job is to assist students with a subject that they may be struggling with – at times, they also help students with a variety of subjects, but this depends on the grade in question and the individual ability of the tutors that they deploy.

Typically, peer tutor coordinators work with individuals and a small group of students.

They usually represent a tutoring institute, but sometimes, they may also work as part of social service. To understand the role of a peer tutor coordinator properly, it is important to understand that of a peer tutor first.

It is the aim of a peer tutor to make sure that students understand their specific subject matters and excel at them. Peer tutor coordinators help with this – at times, they may also be required to help students in determining which college they can apply to. This is where a peer tutor coordinator’s work comes in – determining students’ strengths and matching them with tutors’ abilities to teach them

Sometimes, peer tutors need to contact instructors to determine what their specific goals for teaching a subject are. This gives them a clear idea of how they can build upon the instruction being imparted in class. It is the job of a coordinator to make this possible by creating and maintaining a strong liaison between the two. At times, a peer tutor coordinator may be asked to fill in for a tutor.

Basic responsibilities of a peer tutor coordinator include:

Peer Tutor Coordinator Job Description for Resume

• Create, design and deliver effective tutoring directives based on each tutor’s ability to teach required subjects.

• Develop tutors’ tutoring abilities by providing them with training and mentorship.

• Coordinate drop-in peer programs and other content-focused tutoring plans.

• Monitor and evaluate each member of the peer tutoring program.

• Develop and implement student success workshops to assist students in understanding their educational goals.

• Serve as a liaison between tutors and instructors to understand and provide the former with information on class instruction and how it is delivered for maximum comprehension.

• Assist tutors with the administration and implementation of assessment modules.

• Conduct pre and post comparative studies of grade point averages (GPAs) to determine the success of tutoring programs for each student.

• Work with students to develop and implement a personalized learning experience by taking and working on feedback.

• Create and implement a proactive plan of support in sync with students’ specific learning objectives.

• Facilitate regularly schedules and intensive small group support for new students who may be identified as academically vulnerable.