Reading Tutor Resume Sample

Updated on December 16, 2016


What makes a reading tutor resume successful is actually quite a mystery.

Some people believe that it is the format that matters the most – others think that the content matters most.

Since it is impossible to decide what it is exactly that makes a resume a document that will be immediately acceptable by an employer, let’s amalgamate the two.

Here is a post-amalgamation sample:



Reading Tutor Resume Sample


Kelly Meet

9989 Big Road | West Jordan, UT 52588 | (000) 322-5287 | kellymeet @email .com


Performance Summary
15+ years of progressive experience working in dedicated languages facilities. Exceptionally talented in providing one on one and group assistance to students with reading limitations, through delivery of carefully planned lessons. Excel in:

• Creating both long and short term goals with students to ensure that they meet their specific learning objectives
• Creating core lesson plans to meet the individual reading assistance requirements of each student
• Engaging students in enjoyable experiences with literature with respect to reading and writing
• Modeling through own actions that reading are pleasurable and valuable activities

Core Tutoring Skills

• Individualized Sessions• Activities-based Learning• Literacy Learning Programs
• Resources Research• Student Assessments• Vocabulary Improvement
• Summary Techniques• Discussion Sessions• Reading Sessions
• Student Development• Progress Tracing• Exam Formulation

• Introduced Harry Potter books as part of the reading curriculum which increased student interest in reading literature
• Implemented a series of reading programs which resulted in increased comprehension of reading concepts
• Conducted 15 reading sessions within the facility, with a turnout of over 700 people in each session
• Successfully managed to place 97% of students in regular reading streams through implementation of exceptionally well-placed reading programs


Reading Tutor
Reading First, West Jordan, UT | 3/2008 – Present

• Confer with lead teachers and parents to determine each student’s individual reading limitations
• Interview students to decipher their thoughts on reading and make correlating notes for the purpose of record keeping
• Teach students on a one on one basis or in groups to ensure that their reading skills are on par
• Create and implement core reading programs to assist students in developing good reading habits
• Assist students with difficult to understand or pronounce words to encourage them in reading activities
• Monitor and observe students to ensure that any learning difficulties that require immediate attention are communicated to parents
• Assess students through set evaluation programs and grade their learning progress
• Provide feedback regarding each student’s abilities to the lead teacher, administrator and parents

Teaching Assistant
Rainbow School System, West Jordon, UT | 7/2001 – 3/2008

• Assisted the lead teacher in developing and implementing lesson plans according to set curriculum
• Researched information to build resources for teaching complex concepts to students
• Monitored students to ensure that they behave according to set standards within the classroom
• Assisted students in comprehending complex concepts and provided assistance in weak areas such as reading
• Created and maintained student records and ensured that they were kept confidential and updated frequently

Bachelor of Arts in Education – 2000
Utah State University, West Jordon, UT