Toddler teaching is an extremely challenging job. This position not only requires a lively personality and a creative mind, but also a deep passion for teaching toddlers is must for a successful candidate.

In order to build an interview winning resume for a toddler teaching position, the applicant must read the job description carefully.

The skills and abilities that match with the needs of prospective employer must be mentioned first. Irrelevant qualifications should be omitted from the resume.

The following sample toddler teacher resume will guide you how to write a winning resume for Toddler Teacher job.


Toddler Teacher Resume Sample



Kate Brown

47 Down Town ● Bellevue, WA 954431 ● Cellular: (006) 427-9971 ● Res: (002) 333-5665
kate.brown @ email . com

Toddler Teacher

Performance Summary
Active and lively Toddler Teacher with 9+ years’ hands-on experience in implementing curriculum in keeping with the individual needs of children. Recognized for creating and maintaining a safe and nurturing environment for children where they can play, groom and learn. Friendly and calm,  natural love for children and ability make a difference every day. CPR and First Aid Certified.

Professional Skills
• Fulfills toddlers’ curricular demands easily, turning each developmental milestone into a fun filled activity
• Proficient in social grooming of toddlers
• Unique ability to understand children’s moods and reactions
• Track record of maintaining a clean and hygienic learning and socializing environment for toddlers
• Knowledge of children’s physical, cognitive and psycho social developmental milestones

Key Accomplishments
• Introduced a role play based activity titled ‘I’ll be you’ which proved to be very helpful in developing social traits of empathy, sympathy and dealing with negative emotions
• Attained the most innovative teacher’s award in 2012
• Designed and presented a toddlers tableau at the independence day which was the first of its kind


Toddler Teacher | Bright Horizons, Bellevue, WA | 6/2011 – Present

• Design plan and document activities in synchronization with the issued curriculum
• Maintain individual portfolio of each pupil
• Observe and conduct informal assessments and maintain progress charts
• Participate in parent teacher meetings regularly to discuss points of concern and share child’s progress
• Identify problematic behaviors at early stages and work with the counselor and parents to resolve these issues

Toddler Teacher | Some School, Bellevue, WA | 1/2008 – 6/2011

• Groomed toddlers using friendly attitude in a loving and caring environment
• Designed and conducted activities for toddlers
• Built strong relationships with families and coworkers
• Created a fun environment for toddlers where play and learning happened


Child Development Associate (CDA) Credential

Associate of Arts in Education | Saint Carol’s College, Bellevue, WA | 2007
Focus: Early Childhood Education