2 Executive Chef Resume Samples +Job Description, Skills

Updated on: January 18, 2023

Executive chefs handle the overall work of busy (and big) kitchens. They are managers of the kitchen and it is up to them to ensure that all kitchen work is properly coordinated and that no customer goes home dissatisfied with the food.

As the executive chef is one of the top positions, therefore, a resume for the job needs to be crafted accordingly.

If your resume is attractive enough, it will win you an interview or demonstration call, enhancing your chances of selection manifold.

In your resume, make sure that all your professional experiences are listed in the form of accomplishments, not duties.

Similarly, highlight your skills as an executive chef in your resume.

2 resume examples for an executive chef are given below for your reference:

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Executive Chef Resume Sample 1

☏ (000) 865.4251
688 Silt Avenue
Columbus, OH 95441

❖ ❖ ❖

A versatile and creative Chef with 15+ years’ firsthand experience in busy culinary settings and working as an executive chef for the last three years. Creator of three signature desserts and two inventive savory dishes at famous restaurants located in Ohio. Highly skilled in supervising the culinary staff and ensuring the maintenance of hygiene and quality standards. Eager to explore and imprint new flavors.

• Inventing, testing, modifying, and launching new dishes according to the local taste
• Implementing high-quality hygiene and sanitation standards in the working and serving kitchens
• Constant mentoring and training of newly hired and on-the-job chefs
• Coordinating with all workstations to ensure timely deliveries of freshly done orders
• Menu setting and updating
• Budget management
• Team leading
• Outdoor catering


Executive Chef | 2013 – Present
Tree Hill Restaurant, Cleveland, OH
• Secure two heavy-volume contracts from international firms.
• Standardize fifty-plus restaurant dishes through staff shift management and stepwise tutorials for new and old chefs at various stations of the restaurant.
• Design and implement a very active fire safety system during renovations of the kitchens; the plan was later executed in two more branches.
• Supervise and monitor the sous-chef and his stations.
• Coordinate with management and staff to ensure proper communication of concerns.

Executive Chef | 2010 – 2013
Tom’s Restaurant, Cleveland, OH
• Devised an executive menu and updated the menu seasonally to create variety for regular customers and utilize seasonal foods to control material costs.
• Developed the hotel’s first outdoor catering service with a team of twenty chefs.
• Assisted in menu setting and budget management accordingly.
• Educated the chefs and kitchen workers regarding standard hygiene and quality policies and ensure these are implemented.


Sous Chef | 2004 – 2010
Ultimate Hospitality, Columbus, OH

Line Cook | 2002 – 2004
Executive Dining, Cleveland, OH

Certification in Food Preparation
American Culinary Federation, Columbus, OH  | 2002

BS in Culinary Arts
Technical College, Columbus, OH | 2001

Executive Chef Resume Sample 2

 Travis Carter
110 Orchid Lane
Charleston, SC 65004
(000) 333-2058


Committed to cooking, leading, and delegating to run a successful culinary business.

Highly accomplished and driven culinary professional with 8+ years of diverse experience as an executive chef in various resorts and five-star restaurants. Demonstrated ability to develop and lead strong culinary teams with a track record of streamlining operations and delivering the highest levels of food quality and hospitality.

A perfectionist with inventive finesse and a genuine passion for food cookery and presentation. Broad knowledge of various American, Asian, and European cuisines. Strong business acumen and expertise in cost reduction and budgeting.


Executive Chef
Kites Restaurant, City Grand Hotel, Charleston, SC
3/2012 – Present
• Ensure that delivered food is of excellent quality and prepared under hygienic conditions.
• Set the menu and update the same regularly based on seasonal preferences and food availability.
• Perform financial planning tasks and control food costs.
Selected Accomplishments
• Maintained the restaurant food costs below 27% of the total budget as compared to standard industry costs of 32%.
• Attained a 100% customer satisfaction level during the first six months of employment by streamlining kitchen operations and delivering high-quality food and customer service.

Sous Chef
Starwood Hotels and Resorts, Charleston, SC
7/2010 – 2/2012
• Ensured timely procurement of all raw ingredients.
• Coordinated with all workstations to synchronize orders.
• Developed and adapted various recipes for menu updating.
Selected Accomplishments
• Introduced 2 additional cuisines and 13 signature dishes to the menu and adapted authentic recipes to bring innovation which was highly commended by the management.

Community College, Charleston, SC – 2010
Associate’s Degree in Culinary Arts

– Recipe Development – Kitchen Operations
– Cost Control – Quantity Conversions
– Quality Assurance – Inventory Check
– OSHA Compliance – Financial Planning
– Menu Recommendation – Sanitation 
– Material Procurement – Beverage Selection

Master Chef America, Charleston, SC
American Culinary Association, ACA

Executive Chef Job Description for Resume

  • Plan menus by taking the management’s input and ensuring that customers’ likes are considered too.
  • Modify existing menus by taking competition and quality standards into account.
  • Estimate food requirements for each day and coordinate efforts with suppliers to ensure that food supplies are delivered on time.
  • Create kitchen staff schedules and ensure that each staff member is working according to them.
  • Supervise the activities of chefs, sous chefs, food preparers, and cleaning crew to ensure that all work is being done on schedule and according to instructions.
  • Make arrangements for kitchen equipment (such as grills, fryers, and hot plates) acquisition.
  • Establish controls to minimize food and supply waste and ensure that appropriate checks are made to avoid theft.
  • Develop standard recipes and techniques for food preparation and ensure that kitchen staff follows them properly.
  • Project annual food and labor costs and provide management with feedback for budgeting purposes.
  • Evaluate all received food products to ensure that they conform with both quality and quantity standards.
  • Cook both standard and exquisite / signature dishes according to set recipes and standards.
  • Train new cooks and food preparers in handling food preparation and cooking/baking activities.

Executive Chef Skills and Qualifications for Resume

  1. Highly experienced in creating menus from scratch, keeping in mind customers’ likes and local standards.
  2. Hands-on experience in developing recipes for different cuisines including French, Italian, Indian, and Japanese.
  3. Well-versed in providing training to both new and existing kitchen staff members to give them insight into handling their specific work.
  4. Competent in creating and adhering to budgets by ensuring that all food acquisition activities are performed accordingly.
  5. Able to develop and maintain kitchen sanitation procedures and ensure that they are correctly implemented.
  6. Proven record of effectively handling food supply problems by employing exceptional comprehension of inventory management.
  7. Effectively able to provide direction and mentorship to kitchen staff, focusing on the delivery of extraordinary culinary services.
  8. Skilled in determining the need for kitchen equipment and appliances and fulfilling these needs by creating and maintaining effective liaisons with vendors and suppliers.
  9. Proficient in deciding the best way and avenue of acquiring quality food items and creating appropriate storage space for them.
  10. Adept at handling food inventory and rotation work to minimize spoilage and wastage.
  11. Particularly effective in safeguarding all kitchen employees by implementing training to increase their awareness of safety, sanitization, and accident prevention principles.

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