Position Overview

Toddler teaching is an interactive position wherein the candidate is required to engage in constant grooming activities with toddlers, typically between ages 1 and 3 years.

They are responsible for handling a small group of toddlers, grooming them socially and educating them while following a pre designed curriculum. They integrate fun activities in the learning process to make the learning viable for toddlers. They also maintain progress charts of pupils and conducting parent teacher meetings on regular basis to discuss the child’s progress.

This is a very responsible position since the toddler teacher not only has to train the children, but also has to supervise them and ensure the provision of a safe and healthy environment that supports all aspects of their learning and development.

It is highly advisable to go through job descriptions associated with the position before attempting to craft a resume or cover letter for the same. Following are the job descriptions for a toddler teacher.



Duties and Responsibilities of Toddler Teacher


• Entertain a group of toddlers on daily basis, imparting education and social skills in a friendly and engaging manner

• Maintain individual portfolios of each child and gauge their weekly progress in various skills via well designed progress charts

• Bring innovation in education, make learning easy and interesting for the pupils

• Conduct group activates and also provide one on one trainings for targeted skills development in the pupils

• Communicate effectively with the parents, counsel them if needed and discuss the progress of children efficiently

• Coordinate with the counselor regularly regarding pupils with behavioral issues and take necessary steps for resolution of those issues

• Maintain the class room and play area according to state approved standards of orderliness, cleanliness and hygiene

• Demonstrate understanding of child developmental milestones at the mental, physical, social and psychological levels and timely identify any developmental blocks

• Facilitate the group during practical exercises, demonstrate the exercises in an expert manner and keenly observe and monitor the children as they practice the same

• Instill social values like empathy, sharing, honesty, gratitude, forgiveness and the like

• Supervise indoor and outdoor play during play hours

• Plan and submit activity based weekly lesson plan rooted in the curriculum targets for the week

Qualifications for Toddler Teaching Position


• Up to Date First Aid and CPR certification

• Innovative in teaching methodology

• Compliance with general personal and spatial hygiene standards

• Ability to lift young kids carefully

• Proficient in communicating with young kids

• Record maintenance expertise

• Ability to meet curricular deadlines