6 Toddler Teacher Interview Questions and Answers

Updated on: April 28, 2022

An interview for a toddler teacher is not going to be a walk in the park.

You will be grilled from all possible angles, so make sure that you have your defenses up!

Interviews are designed to provide hiring managers with an insight into the personality of the interviewee.

In a Toddler Teacher role, how sound an individual is, matters the most.

So if you are scheduled for a Teacher Interview interview, then you should consider going through the following sample interview questions and answers:

Toddler Teacher Interview Questions and Answers

1. What is one main quality that you can boast of that will make us feel that you are well-qualified for a toddler teacher job at our school?

I am an extremely patient person, which allows me to perform many tasks related to children in an easy manner. With patience, comes judiciousness which is an absolute necessity to work as a toddler teacher.

2. What specific duties have you performed in your role as a toddler teacher in the past?

My past commission as a toddler teacher has seen me create and implement lesson plans to meet the specific and individual cognitive, social, emotional, educational, and developmental needs of toddlers. Additionally, I have been involved in imparting direct education, managing behavior problems, and ensuring that each child meets his or her individual learning goals.

3. If given a choice, would you or would you not want to work with an assistant toddler teacher? Explain the reasons for your decision.

Acquiring the services of an assistant toddler teacher is an excellent idea. I believe this is so because when you have an assistant, it is easier to concentrate on your role, much more than when you are working solo. Looking after 10 or 15 toddlers is not one person’s work and teachers do require assistance when working with children this young.

4. What is the one challenge that you expect to be faced with when working for our facility?

I believe that working with children with special needs will definitely pose some challenges.

5. And how do you intend to overcome this challenge?

I have worked with special needs children for over 5 years and I am trained in handling their needs. However, each child is different, hence the challenge. Overcoming this will not be an issue as I know how to break the ice and deal with each child by understanding his or her specific issues and limitations.

6. What things do you keep in mind when developing lesson plans for toddlers?

I organize each day’s activities to provide toddlers with a variety of opportunities that allow them to develop curiosity and initiative. My lesson plans are based on ensuring that my students learn problem-solving skills and that their creativity is brought out. Also, I make sure that all my lessons provide toddlers with a sense of self and a feeling of belonging in the class.