Montessori Toddler Teacher Job Description

Updated on: July 21, 2016

Teaching is serious business, especially if you are responsible for two dozen toddlers in a Montessori! The work of a lead teacher at a Montessori is challenging to say the least. Candidates who have had previous experience working in an early learning environment and have a degree to back it up, are usually considered for this position.

As a toddler teacher, one has to be especially patient and compassionate. It is difficult for little children to come to terms with spending time away from their parents and it is up to the teacher to provide an environment that is conducive to their needs. Maintaining an open, friendly and cooperative environment for toddlers and encouraging families to be actively involved in their education, is all part of the job of a toddler teacher.

To be eligible to work as a toddler teacher, one has to have an inherent love for children, and the ability to help them with their most personal needs such as toileting and washing. One also has to possess the ability to create and implement specific early learning programs to meet the varying needs of the student population. Furthermore, the ability to handle medical emergencies pertaining to children is of the utmost importance in this role.

Here is a list of duties that you will be performing in a toddler teacher role:

Montessori Toddler Teacher Job Description

• Create, design, develop and implement core early learning curriculum according to the specifics provided by the school
• Develop and implement lesson plans to meet the specific needs of each child enrolled in the early learning program
• Impart lessons on a one-on-one or group basis and assist toddlers who may have trouble grasping concepts
• Promote feelings of security and trust in toddlers by encouraging them through activities
• Talk, sing and read to infants in a bid to make them feel comfortable and enthusiastic in class
• Respond quickly and in a soothing fashion to distressed toddlers and ensure that they are made comfortable immediately
• Implement individualized feeding plans for toddlers and ensure that they are followed through
• Assist teacher aides in changing diapers and helping children during eating and other indoor activities
• Oversee toddlers during recess time and ensure that they perform all activities in a safe manner
• Respond to emergency situations such as on-campus accidents by performing immediate CPR and First Aid
• Conduct developmental screenings and ongoing assessments on toddlers to determine motor, language, social, cognitive and emotional skills development
• Communicate any significant findings to parents regarding behavior and assist parents in managing related issues