Montessori Teacher Job Description for Resume

Updated on: April 21, 2022

Contrary to popular belief that school readiness is easy to handle, employers prefer to hire trained and certified teachers to handle students who are part of a Montessori program.

Since Montessori programs are designed to provide children with primary education and to make them ready for real school, it is important to hire teachers who know what they need to do.

To work as a Montessori teacher, one needs to possess a high level of patience and a knack for handling difficult-to-manage children.

Montessori teachers usually go through a rigorous training program where they are taught lesson planning, curriculum development, and classroom management of young students.

Teachers catering to students’ needs in a Montessori need to ensure that they develop and maintain a nurturing environment that fosters both creativity and independence.

While a bachelor’s degree in early childhood teaching is an important prerequisite for this position, many employers prefer that candidates also take up some coursework before applying for a Montessori teaching position.

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Duties and Responsibilities to Add in a Montessori Teacher Resume

• Promote the Montessori’s vision and objectives by creating an appropriate curriculum.

• Develop interdisciplinary instructional units in order to meet the individual needs of students.

• Maintain ongoing dialogue with other teachers and coordinators to handle curriculum integration and implementation.

• Work with individual students to gauge abilities and work towards catering to these abilities.

• Use various assessment tools to evaluate each student’s capabilities within the classroom.

• Prepare an environment conducive to learning and social and academic development.

• Maintain a classroom environment by ensuring that appropriate behavior rules are followed and the lesson plan is followed.

• Ensure the availability of materials and resources needed to further educational programs.

• Demonstrate rapport with students by ensuring kindness and respect for each student.

• Handle conflict management by employing tactics to ward off problems.

• Report discipline concerns that may be beyond classroom tactics to the school head.

• Ensure the safety and emotional security of students and ensure that the physical environment of the classroom is under the health and security directives of the school.

• Establish a positive relationship with parents by providing regular and positive communication.

• Timely create progress reports of each student.

• Develop and participate in school functions such as orientations, projects, and carnivals.

• Train teacher assistants in order to make sure that they are ready to perform in their roles.

• Maintain classroom supplies inventory and stock.

• Complete and maintain student records in the school’s database.

• Ensure the privacy of student information.

• Participate in interview processes for hiring new teachers.

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