Teacher Job Description and Duties for Resume

Updated on: February 20, 2021
Teacher Job Description

A teacher is an educator, caregiver, and mentor all rolled in one. Teachers handle instructional activities in an academic setting.

They are required to perform many duties such as developing curriculum, planning lessons, imparting instruction, and handling student behavior.

Teachers are also responsible for handling outdoor activities such as sports and recreation for their students.

Depending on whether teachers work in primary or secondary schools, they perform different kinds of duties.

For instance, preschool teachers may be required to perform much in terms of handling students as children are demanding at this stage.

In a secondary school, they will concentrate more on curriculum development and lesson planning.

Teachers can work as lead teachers or junior teachers depending on their interests and experience.

They can also specialize in a subject; while many teachers at the primary level can teach all subjects, they need to specialize in particular subjects as the class progresses so that they can teach them in detail.

They also assist students with assignments and mark papers.

The following is a list of common duties and responsibilities of a teacher.

Use these statements to build a compelling teacher resume.

Teacher Job Duties for Resume

• Determine the educational needs of students and design the corresponding curriculum.

• Implement curriculum-based o each individual student’s educational need.

• Plan lessons on a daily basis and impart instruction in class.

• Ensure that each student understands the instruction being imparted in class.

• Assist students who may have difficulty learning in class.

• Provide individual attention to students with learning disabilities.

• Research for learning materials and aids.

• Provide guidance to teacher assistants in terms of handling the behavior of the classroom.

• Train teaching assistants to handle classroom impartation.

• Develop and maintain skill-appropriate lesson plans.

• Ensure the supervision of students during class and outdoor activities.

• Supervise snack time and assist students with toileting.

• Escort students safely to and from school buses.

• Prepare and hand out class and home assignments.

• Provide clear instructions on how to attempt working on assignments.

• Prepare and mark exam papers.

• Prepare result sheets and write feedback for parents’ benefit.

• Confer with patients and management to determine actions needed to handle adverse situations.

• Provide parents with detailed information on their children’s progress.

• Maintain student information in the school database.

• Maintain inventory of supplies and materials and ensure the adequacy of both.

• Take student attendance and maintain attendance records.

• Handle behavioral problems by providing counseling sessions.

• Substitute for other teachers in their absence.

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