Daycare Teacher Assistant Job Description for Resume

Updated on: May 11, 2021

Daycare teacher assistants provide support to the overall objectives of the daycare curriculum by assisting lead teachers.

Their primary duty is to assist in the implementation of lesson plans and to make sure that students are at par with each other.

Depending on the level at which you are teaching at a daycare, you may be required to assist students in understanding concepts or simply helping them with their daily needs such as washing and eating.

Either way, you will be responsible for making sure that students are kept safe and happy and that they are learning the things being taught to them.

As a daycare teacher assistant, you need to possess a patient and nurturing personality. Since you will be working with very young children, you will have to act as a role model for them.

Making sure that your temper is kept in check and that you do not get fazed at times of emergencies is very important.

Some typical duties that you will be performing in your role as a daycare teacher assistant include:

Daycare Teacher Assistant Job Description for Resume

• Assess the daycare curriculum to determine lesson planning needs and provide assistance to lead teachers in developing lessons.
• Provide support in implementing lessons by ensuring that constant logistical sustenance is available to the lead teacher.
• Monitor students to ensure that they are at their best behavior and ensure that the classroom environment is safe and conducive to their learning needs.
• Assist students in understanding concepts taught in school to ensure that they meet their educational, social, and cognitive goals.
• Create and develop learning aids to assist teachers in introducing new concepts.
• Observe students and ensure that they are kept comfortable and inform the lead teacher of any signs of discomfort and/or distress.
• Assist students in washing, toileting, and eating and change diapers for very young enrolled students.
• Report any suspected physical or emotional abuse on the students by keeping an active watch on symptoms and/or signs.
• Create and maintain students’ records such as timesheets and attendance in a confidential manner.
• Assist lead teachers in developing daycare curriculums for groups of students.
• Provide assistance in designing and imparting lessons catering to each student’s individual abilities.
• Help children in feeding, bathing, and changing diapers.
• Plan long and short-term activities to engage children throughout the course of the day.
• Encourage children to take part in class and recreational activities.
• Observe and monitor children to ensure that they are comfortable and intervene following signs of distress.
• Ascertain that the classroom environment is in accordance with program goals and philosophies.
• Perform research activities to develop educational materials to aid classroom instruction.
• Assist older children in partaking in their meals and using the facilities.
• Ensure the physical and emotional comfort of children by providing them a safe environment.
• Organize entertainment classes such as fine arts, music, and dance lessons and encourage students to participate.
• Coordinate with the daycare center office to procure classroom supplies and educational equipment.
• Handle cleaning and maintenance activities of the classroom and ensure that any hazardous materials are discarded before children arrive.
• Handle emergencies by employing knowledge of First Aid and CPR.