Personal Banker Job Description for Resume

Updated on: April 21, 2022

A little bit of personalized service is always needed especially where financial services are concerned.

To the layman, banking can be a tad difficult to understand, especially with all the jargon and calculations involved. Personal bankers are hired by commercial banks that serve this purpose primarily.

They are required to provide personalized banking services to clients, especially ones that have a high net worth. As a matter of fact, they are hired primarily to assist clients in managing their wealth and providing financial advice.

Since personal bankers assist clients with financial management, they are required to possess in-depth knowledge of banking procedures and protocols.

Their communication skills also need to be well above parity as they are in constant touch with clients.

There are many jobs that a personal banker performs on a typical workday at the bank including opening and closing accounts, calling clients to provide the information of their account, and processing clients’ portfolios on specific instructions provided by the client.

Any job that requires handling money is deemed sensitive; personal bankers need to be very thorough in their work as there isn’t any room for error in this work.

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The following list of duties for a personal banker provides us with more insight into what their work involves.

These statements may help you build the experience or accomplishments section of a personal banker resume.

Personal Banker Duties for Resume

• Assist clients and walk-in customers in determining their banking needs.

• Provide clients with information on the bank’s services and products.

• Confer with clients in order to gather specific information about their backgrounds.

• Guide clients through the bank’s products and services and assist them in choosing what is best for them.

• Assist clients with account opening procedures by helping them determine which information to write.

• Ensure that account opening forms are complete and accurate.

• Provide advice on financial solutions.

• Perform bank business promotion activities.

• Process credit lines and provide information to clients regarding safe deposits and vaults.

• Establish new client relationships and handle outbound outreach.

• Perform monthly cash counts and cash control activities.

• Manage sales activities in order to meet personal goals and those set by the bank.

• Handle self-developed pipelines of clients and prospective clients.

• Manage receipt and payment of cash for clients.

• Process wires and cash advances from various companies.

• Verify check endorsements and ensure that cash receipts are provided.

• Enter all transactions into the bank’s database and make sure that accuracy is maintained.

• Stay in constant touch with clients in order to keep them abreast of new products and services.

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