General Overview

Assistant teachers are responsible for performing a number of tasks both of instructional and administrative in nature. They need to provide additional support to students and teachers within an educational setting. These professionals should deliver information accurately while maintaining their patience and confidence.

Like in any other instructional job, assistant teachers must possess excellent communication skills so that they will be able to communicate well with students of diverse socioeconomic backgrounds. They plan lessons, bulletin board displays, exhibits, equipments and demonstrations for students. They supervise classroom behavior and assist students with work so that the teacher can concentrate on teaching.

Additionally, assistant teachers are accountable for observing student behavior in context to educational needs and dilemmas and report to the lead teacher for assessment. In the event of the lead teacher’s absence, this professional must be ready to take full control of classroom. A very important part of an assistant teacher’s duty is to plan lessons according to individual needs of students. They do this my analyzing each individual student’s social, emotional and physical development.

Following are a number of standard job duties statements for an Assistant Teacher Resume. These  phrases will help you making an effective resume.

Assistant Teacher Job Description for Resume

• Plan and implement classroom core curriculum and instructive programs for children in the absence of the supervising teacher

• Assist lead teacher in lesson delivery and presentation

• Administer behavior of students to create a safe classroom’s environment

• Uphold classroom vigorous environment conducive to learning and suitable to the physical, social, and emotional development of students

• Perform general administrative tasks such as filing, record-keeping and taking phone messages

• Maintain records and compile varied reports in an accurate and timely manner

• Communicate and interact with parents and caregivers

• Ensure parent involvement in program planning

• Create nurturing, helpful and compassionate environment for children

• Provide primary care to assigned infants and toddlers

• Create and implement age appropriate activities

• Prepare and organize different teaching aids for use in classroom

• Heat up and serve lunches, and assist children in eating

• Maintain a clean, safe and a fully organized classroom

• Assist with execution of individual development plans

• Maintain files and records of childrens’ progress

• Participate in teacher-parent meetings

• Develop curiosity, exploration, and problem-solving skills among children

• Manage emergencies during and after school

• Organize extra-curricular activities, special events, and workshops