Top 13 Math Teacher Resume and CV Objective Examples

Updated on: January 4, 2021
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A math teacher resume objective is a smart way to capture the interest of the hiring manager at the very beginning. In order to get more interviews, it is important to write an objective statement that clearly explains how your skills and experiences can help the employer achieve its goals.

Before writing a math teacher career objective, it is important to realize what your objective statement should contain. A majority of job seekers wrongly believe that a resume objective holds information about their expectations. That is not true because this statement tells the recruiter about your skills and passion that will help you contribute significantly.  

Consider an objective as an offering statement regarding what can you do for the employer. The following examples will guide you on how to write a winning objective statement on a mathematics teacher resume.

Sample Career Objectives for Math Teacher Resume

High School Mathematics Teacher Objectives

1. Passionate and dedicated Math Teacher with full command of mathematics, seeking a position with FD High School. Bringing expertise in lesson planning, classroom discipline maintenance, and coaching to achieve the top grades and increase the ranking of the school.

2. Committed and student-focused Math Teacher with 7+ years of hands-on experience in teaching foundations, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and topology. Poised to impart mathematical knowledge to different grades of ABC High School to help students develop their concepts and attain the highest grades.

3. To work for Texas High School as a math teacher utilizing a track record of achieving 100% concept clarity through effective reinforcement strategies and practical instruction to consistently enhance the students’ progress.

4. Analytical-minded Mathematics Teacher seeking a position with FD Public School. Bringing expertise in developing curriculum, devising effective instructional strategies, and conducting classroom operations to improve the grades of students.

Middle School Math Teacher Objectives

5. To work for ABC Middle School in the capacity of a Mathematics Teacher. Leveraging expertise in lesson planning, curriculum development, and classroom management to meet the individual needs of students.

6. A strong facilitator who is competent at devising and implementing special math teaching strategies to help students develop their math concepts. Seeking a position as a Math Teacher at AA School.

7. Looking for a Middle School Math Teacher position with Oaks School. Offering exceptional command on all topics of mathematics including numeracy, algebra, geometry, and trigonometry to impart Mathematics lessons in the most logical way.

8. Competent Middle School Math Teacher seeking a challenging role with Little Angels High School. Bringing 6+ years’ track record of devising and implementing innovative learning strategies to help students in attaining excellent grades.

Elementary School Math Teacher Objectives

9. Seeking a Mathematics Teacher position at AA Elementary School where skills in lesson planning, implementation, and student evaluation will be utilized to benefit the students.

10. A Math Teacher position at the Little Tulips to utilize proficiency in classroom control, activity planning, and progress charting in an organized manner. Able to communicate with parents and school staff in a fruitful manner.

11. Looking for a Math Teacher position at ABC School where innovative teaching and instructional expertise will be completely utilized to facilitate the students’ learning.

Entry Level Math Teacher Objectives With No Experience

12. Fresh graduate with an M.Ed. Degree in Mathematics looking for a Mathematics Teacher position at Alpha School. Bringing knowledge of developing and implementing lesson plans to reinforce various mathematical concepts. Special talent for creating brain-stimulating exercises.

13. Resourceful and self-directed educationalist with a B.Ed. Degree in Mathematics seeking a full-time Math Teacher position at Austin Public School. Leveraging skills in lesson planning, implementation, and learning facilitation to cater to students’ individual needs.

How to Write a Winning Objective on a Math Teacher Resume or CV?

View the folowing steps to write an interview winning objective statement.

  1. Write the title of the position and the name of the institute or school where you want to apply for a job.
  2. Highlight your key professional attributes.
  3. Clearly mention how your skills would be beneficial for the employer.

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