High School Math Teacher Letter of Interest Sample

Updated on: July 27, 2019

Letters of interest are a great way of finding out if there is a possible vacancy at an institute or company.

In essence, letters of interest are much like cover letters and are written to enhance the accompanying resume and to highlight information that may not be part of the resume.


Essentially, a letter of interest is written to introduce you to the reader and inquire into a possible vacancy at the desired position.

Let us take the example of a high school math teacher.

A person applying for this position will need to make sure that he writes information that increases his chances of being invited for an interview, even if there is no immediate position available.

In your letter, you should not only provide information about your math teaching abilities but also your class management skills.

Recruiters will take it for granted that you know your subject if you are applying for a technical position such as that of a math teacher, but handling students is a different ballgame altogether.


Since you are applying for a high school math teacher, you must tell the recruiter why you feel that you are qualified to not only teach high school mathematics but also how you can manage and mentor young adults.

Here is a sample high school math teacher letter of interest for your reference:


High School Math Teacher Letter of Interest Sample


July 27, 2019

Mr. Gary Cold
Alliance De Learning
782 State Road
Brooklyn, NY 55444


Dear Mr. Cold:

I am writing to inquire about possible high school Mathematics Teacher vacancies at Alliance De Learning. Even if there are no vacancies presently available, I would appreciate receiving an application so that I can be properly registered with your office, should a position occur.

I am presently teaching Advanced Mathematics to high school students in The School Group. Here, I have successfully put into practice an integrated, individualized mathematics conceptual program. Through this program, my students have achieved much success pertaining to learning difficult concepts.

Through teaching and observation, I have gained much experience in meeting the challenging needs of a spectrum of students. Since mathematics is a complex subject (and an important one at the high school level), I believe in laying out clearly articulated objectives and lesson plans and this ability has made me not only a successful mathematics teacher but also a mentor to my students.

My credentials (enclosed) are available for your inspection. If possible, please let me know of a date and time for a personal interview. I can be contacted at (444) 444-4444.

Thank you for taking out the time to read this.


Sincere regards,


Alan Alda

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