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Mathematics Instructor Job Description and Duties

Position Overview Hired primarily to impart mathematics education to students in elementary, middle, and high schools, mathematics instructors help students prepare for tests, exams, and college entrance exams. Many mathematics instructors also work in colleges and universities where they teach advanced mathematics courses. The primary goal of a mathematics instructor is to assist students in… Read More »

Math Teacher Resume Samples

Best wishes on your decision to teach mathematics! Your teaching skills and experiences are unique to other candidates also seeking a similar job. It is essential to consider mathematics teacher cover letter and resume writing as an “art” rather than a “science.” Use the following resume templates for the Math Teacher position as a helpful… Read More »

Mathematics Teacher Cover Letter Example | Job Application

A math teacher ensures that students, within an instructional faculty, can grasp basic and advanced mathematical concepts.  They work at schools, colleges, and universities.  If you are thinking to apply as a math teacher and are looking for a good cover letter sample to support your job application and math teacher resume, you may use… Read More »