High School Math Teacher Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: July 30, 2016

Irrelevant cover letters equal fewer job offers. And we do not mean that you need to pretty up your cover letter with pretty fonts and colors. An ugly cover letter is one that has nothing new to say and is mundane in tone. A hiring manager who has spent the last 10 years of his life reading resumes and cover letters, does not want one more that has nothing new to say. Be creative when writing a cover letter.

Follow the instructions to the advertisement (to which you are replying) – so if it says send the cover letter to the human resource department specifically, do not think that it will be a smart move to copy it to the CEO as well. Specifically address the person who will read your cover letter – if you don’t know who it is, call and ask. You will not be considered an eager beaver. In fact, you will be patted on the head for being industrious. If you do not know enough about the position that you are applying for, look up job descriptions for similar positions and read up recruitment ads.

In the main body of your cover letter, provide essential information that the employer should know about you, including competencies, skills, accomplishments and quantified statements describing your past experiences. When you have done this, here is what your cover letter will look like:


High School Math Teacher Cover Letter Sample


632 8th Street
Akron, OH 12411

July 30, 2016

Mr. Danial Cliff
Skyline Education Inc.
1121 Myresville Road
Akron, OH 09711


Dear Mr. Cliff:

Implementing a variety of effective mathematical strategies consistent with lesson objectives, is one of my strong points as a math teacher. To support this information, here is a list of just some of my qualifications as they relate to the position of a high school math teacher:

• Highly experienced in planning, developing and executing mathematics lessons that reflect the school district’s curriculum and core educational standards.
• Competent in adapting mathematics curriculum for individual, small groups and remedial instruction to the meet the specific needs of identified students.
• First-hand experience in evaluating the academic and social growth of each assigned student, and his or her ability to meet course standards in mathematical skills.
• Well-versed in employing a variety of methodologies in teaching including demonstrations, discussions and student involvement.

Aware of Skyline Education Inc.’s high standards of teaching, I am positive that my teaching methodologies are at par with your requirements. I would like to be considered for this position, in which I am convinced that someone of my experience and background could make a significant contribution. I will call you soon to arrange for an interview. If you need to reach me, I am available at (000) 253-4214.



Gwen Stephan