Laborer Resume Summary Examples

Updated on May 7, 2019

A summary is the most crucial section of a laborer resume.

It should be tempting enough to convince the employer that you possess all the required competencies for the laborer job.


An impressive laborer resume summary:

  1. Uses powerful phrases and adjectives
  2. Highlights the unique points of your candidacy
  3. Contains keywords associated with a labor job
  4. Implies that you are fully equipped with the required qualifications and/or experience
  5. Convinces the employer that you have ample knowledge of the prospective firm and their culture
  6. Communicates how you will be productive to the organization

Take a look at the laborer summary examples given below for further guidance.



Sample Summary Statements for Laborer Resume

• Extremely motivated and dependable Laborer with 6+ years’ extensive experience in general maintenance and construction tasks ranging from demolitions to site clearing and debris removal. Proven physical stamina with a demonstrated ability to work without supervision. A fun and friendly individual who enjoys working collaboratively.

• Highly-skilled and competent Laborer with 8+years’ outstanding track record of performing physical tasks in the construction arena. Proficient in scaffolding and controlling traffic around construction sites. A dextrous individual who is able to clear the site, dig trenches, apply cement, and perform roofing and flooring tasks.

• Dexterous General Labor with a solid track record of performing physically demanding tasks in a timely fashion. 3+ years of progressive experience in site preparation, digging, debris clearing and setting of concrete structures. Recognized for following instructions perfectly and working individually as well as a part of the team.

• An energetic and results-driven individual with more than 5 years of work experience as a Laborer. Profound ability to use electrical saws, power grinders, pressure washers, and forklifts to fulfill assigned tasks. Track record of punctuality and hard work. Well-practiced in preparing vast stretches of highway work zones, digging trenches and installing drainpipes, pouring concrete to form roads and installing traffic control devices.

• Results-focused Laborer with a demonstrated ability to correctly take and follow instructions. Competent at reading and implementing building blueprint designs. Substantial knowledge of OSHA workplace safety guidelines applicable in the construction industry.

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