Math Teacher Resume Samples

Updated on: May 11, 2022

Best wishes on your decision to teach mathematics!

Your teaching skills and experiences are unique to other candidates also seeking a similar job.

It is essential to consider mathematics teacher cover letter and resume writing as an “art” rather than a “science.”

Use the following resume templates for the Math Teacher position as a helpful guide as you make your resume, but, leave room to use your unique format, style, and bullet phrases; tailor suitable headers and titles.

Be watchful that the teaching resume statements found in this example can be used very efficiently to assist you tremendously in making your resume.

Craft unique phrases and keep away from the exact duplication of these samples.

Math Teacher Resume Sample 1

Davis Fielder
832 Watson Sq
Rockville, MD 56788
(000) 222- 1111


Highly enthusiastic, motivated, and self-directed educational professional with a strong background in teaching mathematics at different educational levels. Excellent speaking, listening, and facilitating skills backed by a deep-rooted interest in innumeracy.

• Adept at structuring the classroom environment to promote learning.
• Familiar with various learning disabilities and associated remedial teaching strategies.
• Demonstrated ability to maintain assessment records and student portfolios to gauge progress.


– Parental Communication
– Assignment Supervision
– Cognitive Development
– Learning Disability Support
– Portfolio Records
– Notebook Checking
– Curriculum Development
– Classroom Facilitation
– Progress charting
– Remedial Coaching
– Lesson Planning
– Activity Devising

• Coached a group of 10 students for the Annual International Math Competition, out of which four were awarded silver and three were awarded gold medals.
• Earned the ‘Most Responsible Teacher’ award for three consecutive years.
• Enhanced the overall class percentage in math by 30% through the implementation of well-planned remedial classes for mathematics.


Math Teacher                     
CITY SCHOOL, Rockville, MD
2012 – Present
• Plan daily and weekly lessons according to the curriculum
• Communicate various mathematical concepts, check student notebooks
• Mark students’ progress regularly in portfolios
• Arrange and execute remedial lessons, individually catered for each child’s lacking areas in math

Teacher’s Aide                                      
ACE ACADEMY, Rockville, MD
2010 – 2012
• Developed and regularly updated a timeline for pace gauging and lesson planning facilitation
• Communicated home assignments in collaboration with the teacher, checked and graded the same
• Assisted the teacher in maintaining classroom ambiance and structured environment

B.S Degree in Mathematics
ABC University, Rockville, MD – 2010

• Full command of PC operations
• First aid and BLS Certified
• Bilingual: English/Spanish

Math Teacher Resume Sample 2

Amy Anderson
5 Stewart Street
Eagle River, AK 88837
(000) 919-9129

Mathematics Teacher

Offering exceptional mathematical knowledge, logical thinking, a pleasure of diversity, and extraordinary communication skills.

• Over five years of experience teaching Mathematics to students of different backgrounds
• Highly skilled in planning effective classroom instructions, and teaching mathematical concepts to young students
• In-depth knowledge of basic and advanced mathematics with a specialization in algebra
• Demonstrated the ability to plan a program of study that meets the individual student’s needs, interests, and ability
• Able to maintain a disciplined and controlled environment in the classroom
• Proficient in preparing effective and appropriate lesson plans
• Current teacher’s license

• Implemented an age-appropriate mathematical curriculum for high school students
• Acquired renown for writing a paper on alternative algebra concepts for the Math Mad Magazine
• Ensured adequate supervision to assure fitness, interests, and safety of all students
• Guided the learning method toward the attainment of curriculum standards
• Utilized instructional methods and materials that are most suitable for meeting defined objectives and standards


Math Teacher
Kipley High School – Eagle River, AK
2015 – Present
• Plan and carry out study programs appropriate to individual needs
• Create a classroom environment conducive to learning and discipline
• Make engaging lessons that develop students’ critical thinking and problem-solving skills
• Assess student progress regularly

Math Teacher Assistant
ABC School – Eagle River, AK
2007 – 2015
• Diagnosed individual learning abilities of students about mathematical concepts and reported to authorities
• Supervised purposeful assignments
• Planned student assessments on a monthly basis

Bachelor of Arts Degree
St. Louis College – Eagle River, AK – May 2006
Major: Mathematics
Minor: Computer Science
Honors/Awards: Dean’s List

Certification: Adolescence (Secondary Education)

• Excellent grasp of advanced mathematical concepts
• Proven ability to efficiently present educational materials to students on different grade levels
• Bilingual: English and Spanish
• Secretarial tasks and record-keeping

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