Elementary Math Teacher Resume Sample

Updated on: March 20, 2018

There are many upsides to writing resumes that speak to hiring managers.

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Here is sample elementary math teacher resume for your reference:




Elementary Math Teacher Resume Example



Maria Fox
6 New Place Avenue, Naples, FL56002
(000) 999-9999
[email protected]

Personalized, data-driven and Technology integrated instruction

• Highly experienced elementary mathematics teacher with a verifiable track record of creating and implementing curriculum to meet individual requirements of each student.
• Developed and implemented math lesson plans to meet the specific needs of a diverse student body.
• Offered an atmosphere conducive to the intellectual, emotional, physical, and academic growth of each student.
• Taught content to students in an interactive, positive, achievement-oriented, and structured learning environment.


– Curriculum Development – Lesson Planning – Individual Attention
– Student Motivation – Community Building – Behavior Management
– Student Evaluation – Emotional Assistance – Emergency Management
– Structured Teaching – Interactive Learning – Resource Development

• Implemented a resource development system, which proved to be 85% more efficient than the one already being used.
• Conducted 12 behavior management workshops, as part of a teacher training course.
• Introduced Mathletics as part of the curriculum, resulting in increased student interest in the subject of mathematics.
• Devised an interactive learning system, allowing uninterested students to develop the interest in the subject.


Elementary Math Teacher
Ingenuity Prep, Naples, FL| 6/2010 – Present
• Assist the management in creating mathematics curriculum, according to the set rules and regulations.
• Create, develop, and implement core lesson plans, keeping in mind the individual strengths of each student.
• Assist students in grasping complex concepts, by providing examples, and showing them how to solve sums.
• Administer tests, exams, and assignments, and grade and mark them according to established protocols.
• Evaluate student performances on a regular basis, and keep the school administration abreast of any significant events.
• Oversee student behavior, ensuring that any related issues are resolved immediately.
• Create a positive educational climate for students, ensuring that they thrive physically and emotionally in it.
• Create instructional resources to assist students in learning and comprehending complex math problems.

Teacher Assistant (Mathematics)
The Minot Elementary School, Naples, FL 2005 – 2009
• Assisted lead teachers in creating and implementing core lesson plans.
• Oversaw students to ensure that they were performing their classwork correctly.
• Created and implemented learning resources, to ensure that students understood complex concepts.
• Assisted in the evaluation of students, and providing feedback to teachers and parents.
• Ascertained that all assigned students were kept safe and comfortable in classrooms, and in the playground.

Florida State University, Naples, FL – 2004
Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics

Florida Teacher Certificate (K-5 All, – Self CC)

• MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint
• Classroom Management Systems