English Teacher Resume: Sample, Job Description & Skills

Updated on: May 19, 2023

English Teachers are also responsible for teaching the English language, as well as managing classrooms and implementing the curriculum. Their role is that of a positive mentor of their student’s career.

In order to apply for an English Teacher position, the job seeker will be required to write a resume, as well as a cover letter.

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English Teacher Resume Sample

Kathleen Simmons
Atlanta, GA
(000) 352-8565
katsim @ email . com


Results-oriented and responsible English teacher with 7+ years’ track record of success in creating curriculums for English language and literature and adapting lessons accordingly. Adept at imparting instruction in a clear and concise manner. Hands-on experience in planning, preparing, and delivering lessons, and developing and setting tests and examinations according to specific language and literacy concepts.

• Lesson Planning
• Curriculum Development 
• Behavior Management 
• Content-specific Teaching
• Resource Development
• Student Evaluation


English Teacher
AAA Company, Atlanta, GA
Sep 2019 – Present
• Create and implement core English language and literature curriculums.
• Prepare lesson plans and impart English language and literature to students.
• Teach language concepts such as grammar, punctuation, and sentence construction.
• Impart literature education in drama, prose, and poetry.
• Assist students in understanding different ideas by providing them with individual attention.
• Provide instruction regarding different literary styles and help students interpret poetry and prose written in old English.
• Observe students in order to ensure appropriate behavior within the classroom.
• Evaluate and assess students to determine their abilities and shortcoming and address the latter.
• Mark assignments and tests and ensure that students are aware of each concept taught in class.
• Provide feedback to parents regarding each child’s abilities and limitations.
Key Accomplishments
• Introduced the concept of interactive learning, which increased students’ understanding of the English language by 50%.
• Directed 15 Shakespearean plays as part of the literary learning procedure.
• Developed and implemented the core English curriculum for three branches of the school.
• Enhanced the quality of language lessons by incorporating learning resources, derived from thorough research.

Teacher Assistant
Mountain Academy, Atlanta, GA
Mar 2016 – Sep 2019
• Assisted the lead teacher in creating and implementing lesson plans.
• Created materials and resources to help with class instruction.
• Continually supervised students during class and playtime.
• Assisted students in understanding difficult concepts and with the class assignments.
• Provided support to the lead teacher in evaluating students and creating correlating reports.

Bachelor of Arts in English Literature
Georgia College, Atlanta, GA

Job Description for English Teacher Resume

  • Create the core English curriculum and determine the manners of implementing it at different levels.
  • Design and develop lesson plans according to each student’s individual ability to understand concepts.
  • Instruct and motivate students in the course of study, paying special attention to slow learners.
  • Assign homework and classwork and assist students in understanding different ways of working out assignments.
  • Maintain classrooms that are conducive to learning and intellectual stimulation.
  • Oversee the development and design of teaching aids and provide teaching assistants with assistance in developing them properly.
  • Prepare and administer tests according to the set curriculum and grade exams and tests in accordance with designated grading rules.
  • Compliment students on their achievements as part of the class encouragement program and encourage those who are unable to meet performance standards.
  • Provide extra help in learning concepts to students lacking understanding of them.
  • Evaluate students individually, carefully charting out their weaknesses, and provide them with extra help where required.
  • Maintain student behavior by putting down ground rules and ensuring that they are properly followed.
  • Meet with parents to provide them with overviews of their children’s progress.
  • Create, maintain, and record assessment reports in a confidential manner.

Key Skills for English Teacher Resume

  • Lesson Planning
  • Curriculum Development 
  • Lessons Impartation
  • Grading
  • Student Development
  • Records Management
  • Behavior Management 
  • Student Evaluation
  • Paperwork

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