Private English Tutor Resume Sample

Updated on March 15, 2018

The authenticity and relevance of the information that you put on a resume hold a lot of importance.

For instance, if you are applying for a private tutor position but are in actuality a teacher by profession (yes, there is a difference), your resume will probably reflect your expertise as a teacher.

And this is not what the employer is looking for. If he has advertised for a tutor position, he is looking for precisely that – a tutor, and not a teacher!

Although, it is alright to put in some information of a time that you worked as a teacher as well!

Here is a sample resume for a private English tutor position to assist you in this regard.


Private English Tutor Resume Example



Jennifer Taylor

2589 Greenwood Avenue ● Pasadena, CA 89745 ● (999) 999-9999 ● [Email]


Dedicated and experienced English Tutor with documented success in providing English language and literature assistance to students beyond what they learn in school. Calm and patient manner, with exceptional ability to encourage and inspire students to perform high. A qualified team-player who can teach complex English language concepts such as advanced grammar rules, intending to making them understood at the core level.


• Materials Development• Literature Interpretation
• Background Variation Conceptualization• Vocabulary Building
• Holistic and Analytic Writing• Student Confidence Building
• English Pronunciation• Verb and Noun Morphology
• Student Performance Goals• Learning Facilitation
• Language Concepts• Language Expression

BEST IN CLASS EDUCATION CENTER, Pasadena, CA | 6/2013 to Present
English Tutor
• Decipher class curriculum by discussing with students and determine action plans.
• Assist students in understanding core English language concepts such as correct pronunciation, parts of speech, morphologies and basic writing conventions.
• Provide students with information regarding rhetorical modes and vocabulary and language expressions.
• Present the American English clearly and serve as a linguistic model for students.
• Assist students in determining how to tackle English literature concepts.
• Provide support in attempting literature questions that are designed to make students “think”.
• Advise students on taking particular courses of action when reading the literary material.
• Assist with homework by providing students with avenues to think and attempt questions.

Major Accomplishments
• Successfully placed a young student on par with his class by the end of the academic year, by tutoring him in several English language areas that he lacked in.
• Implemented the “open-minded” module to teaching students how to derive information during open book exams.
• Recognized for tutoring students about fragments, comma splices and fused sentences, major language concepts that are usually overlooked by schools.
• Introduced in-home computer-aided instruction techniques to students, which resulted in increased understanding of both literature and language concepts.

REACH PROFESSIONALS, Pasadena, CA | 4/2010 to 6/2013
Teacher Assistant
• Provided assistance to lead teacher in lesson developing and imparting education in classrooms.
• Handled classroom activities by engaging students and ensuring their comfort and safety.
• Assisted students in understanding difficult concepts and with their class assignments.
• Managed overall student behavior and assured that any student not conforming to behavioral standards is handled in a patient manner.
• Ascertained the safety and well-being of students by providing them with a nurturing and safe environment.

Master’s Degree in English Literature