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Hospital Unit Secretary Job Description, Duties & Responsibilities

Hospital Unit Secretary Job Description The work of a hospital unit secretary involves ensuring that the work of an entire hospital unit runs smoothly. This position is mostly secretarial and requires one to interact with all members of the staff within a hospital. There is a robust administrative aspect to a hospital unit secretary’s job,… Read More »

5 Unit Secretary Objectives for Resume

The main job of a Unit Secretary is to handle the clerical and administrative aspects of a healthcare organization which may include greeting patients, scheduling appointments, managing bookkeeping, and filing records. They are responsible for taking phone calls and providing information on the hospital’s procedures, policies, and scheduling. In some organizations, they are expected to… Read More »

Hospital Unit Secretary Cover Letter Sample

No matter what kind of a secretarial job you are applying for, a secretary resume just isn’t enough because of aggressive competition. Some employers have no issues with resumes for Hospital Unit Secretary position being sent without cover letters, but why take the risk as you never know who will be reading your job application. The following… Read More »