A unit secretary’s job is mainly of clerical in nature but it might also contain a number of additional tasks depends on the employer. This is why someone looking for a job as a unit secretary will have to be the jack of all trades and master of at least a few!

Here is a sample cover letter for a unit secretary resume which is very effective for entry level candidates with less or no experience. You are free to modify this Unit Secretary Cover Letter example as per requirements of the employer given in the job advertisement.


Sample Cover Letter for Unit Secretary Resume


47 Example 4th Street
New Orleans, LA 65897
(119) 000-9999

September 26, 2013

Mr. Brett Carlisle
HR Manager
Family Health Hospital
222 Some Street
New Orleans, LA 62247


Dear Mr. Carlisle:

I am very interested in applying for the position of a Unit Secretary at the Family Health Hospital. My clerical skills and administrative abilities match closely to your requirements. Utilizing my capabilities I would be able to maximize efficiency of your unit.

Based on your requirements, following are my key attributes which makes me a perfect candidate for a uni secretary position at Family Health Hospital:

▶ Well versed in greeting visitors, patients and healthcare staff and assists in meeting their needs.

▶ Adept at answering telephones and triage calls

▶ Effective skills in patient charts management

▶ Proficient in maintaining and ordering office supplies

▶ Able to transport items inside the facility

▶ Familiar with basic medical terminology

Furthermore, I possess very effective communication and interpersonal skills to relate to patients, staff and visitors. I have a demonstrated ability to use computerized systems for inventory, transmission of information and record keeping. My resume is enclosed with this letter which will provide you with complete details about my qualifications and skills.

As an honest and energetic Unit Secretary, I would like an opportunity to discuss my abilities in detail. I will call you at the end of the week to set a time of interview. Meanwhile, you may also reach me at (119) 000-9999 or via email at [Email].

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Jacqueline Smith

Enc. Resume