5 Unit Secretary Objectives for Resume

Updated: April 11, 2022

The main job of a Unit Secretary is to handle the clerical and administrative aspects of a healthcare organization which may include greeting patients, scheduling appointments, managing bookkeeping, and filing records.

They are responsible for taking phone calls and providing information on the hospital’s procedures, policies, and scheduling.

In some organizations, they are expected to work as medical transcriptionists which is why most employers will hire people with excellent typing skills and excellent medical terminology.

Unit secretaries are also expected to assist patients and families in filling out forms and answer any questions that they may have.

They usually have access to patient charts and are required to prepare and maintain these charts for the nurse’s or doctor’s review.

People looking for a position as a unit secretary may use one of the following objective examples to make a perfect resume.

Sample Objectives for Unit Secretary Resume

1. Self-reliant and personable professional seeking a Unit Secretary position with Houston Healthcare. Offering excellent knowledge of medical terminology and hospital procedures. Ability to manage an organized clinical setting for patients and families.

2. Looking for a position as a Unit Secretary for Carson Medical Center. Bringing 8 years of unit management and record-keeping experience to provide practical and systematic support.

3. Seeking a Unit Secretary position with Eastern Maine Medical Center. Offers exceptional clerical skills along with a solid ability to work flexibly to manage a successful medical unit.

4. To obtain a position as a Unit Secretary at Riverside Hospital Services, utilizing knowledge of hospital admissions along with the keen ability to assist in running a working office and conflict management.

5 To work as a Unit Secretary for AAA Healthcare where my expertise, training, and experience in hospital unit management will be fully utilized.