4 Unit Secretary Interview Questions and Answers

Updated on: May 1, 2021

Interviews are nothing to be scared of. In fact, they are considered great learning opportunities.

If your interview is a successful one, you gain a job. If it isn’t, you will learn what not to do the next time around.

However, your first instinct should be to ace the interview. You don’t want to go through 5 interviews before you learn your lesson. Learn it after the first one if possible.

If you have been in an interview, you will know that it can really take the mickey out of us! Nothing scares us more than the prospect of failing at an interview. And that is why we end up messing it all up! If you are scared, you are bound to create issues for yourself.

Be confident, do your homework well and make sure that you are actually the right person for the job before you apply. And nothing can stop you from running away with the employment deal!

To see what type of questions you may come across at an interview for a unit secretary position, keep reading:

Unit Secretary Interview Questions and Answers

1. Why are unit secretaries considered important in hospital environments?

Unite secretaries are considered important as they handle a major part of the administrative system of a hospital. Without their intervention in the daily functions of a hospital, it may be difficult to manage day-to-day operations.

2. What are the primary duties of a unit secretary?

Unit secretaries conduct research, prepare statistical reports, handle information requests, and perform clerical functions including preparing correspondence, responding to telephone calls, and scheduling meetings.

3. As a unit secretary, what skills do you possess that make you a good choice for this position?

I am an organized individual who has exceptional time management skills. Possessing deep expertise in handling patient services such as admissions and discharges and information on infection control procedures, I believe that I am a good contender for this position.

4. Why do unit secretaries need to be pleasant at all times?

Unit secretaries are considered the face of the hospital as they are in constant contact with patients and families. As a point of contact, it is important for them to be constantly smiling and in a pleasing mode.