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Real Estate Receptionist Job Description and Duties for Resume

Real Estate Receptionist Job Description Real estate receptionists perform all the duties that general receptionists perform in other industries – plus some more. Since the real estate industry requires everyone it hires to be on his or her toes all the time, it is imperative that one makes a special effort, especially if one is… Read More »

4 Real Estate Receptionist Interview Questions and Answers

Yes, interviews are harrowing times for us. And no, they are not the end of the world. In fact, they may be the beginning of something awesome – a career! Before the interview, know your skills, accomplishments, and goals. Preparing for the interview is important so that you can effectively sell yourself to the person… Read More »

List of 40 Skills to Add to a Receptionist Resume

Making the skills section on a receptionist resume is as important as the experience and accomplishment sections. To build the right skills section, you need to mention only relevant abilities in bullet or tabular form. In almost any front desk position, communication and interpersonal skills hold the most importance. This is because even if you are not… Read More »