Front Desk Receptionist Resume Objective Examples

Updated on: November 23, 2015

If you have decided in favor of writing an objective (as opposed to a summary) on your resume, make sure that you do justice to it. Many people write objectives without giving them much thought. For them, a resume objective is merely a means to an end – they write a resume objective only because there is space for it. But that is wrong. Resume objectives serve a purpose and they should be written keeping that purpose in mind.

What is the purpose of a front desk receptionist resume objective? Some people argue that it is merely an opening to a resume which is true on one plane. However, it is not only an opening. It goes deeper than that. A resume objective is written to focus a reader’s attention on what the rest of the resume has to say. Primarily, resume objective content should prepare the reader and tempt him to read the rest of the resume with interest. It is a difficult thing to do but not wholly impossible. If you want your resume objective to do its job properly, make sure that it is written in a way that is most attractive to the employer who reads it.

The Formula

Candidate skills + experience = benefit to the employer

How to Use this Formula – Sample

Looking for a Front Desk Receptionist position using well-rounded experience in handling tier-one customer services to ensure satisfied customers and smooth operations of the front desk.

Here are some examples of objectives for a front desk receptionist resume:

Front Desk Receptionist Resume Objective Examples

• Competent front desk professional looking for a position with Graphic Packaging. Demonstrated expertise in handling scheduling and appointment handling duties, along with ensuring that visitors and customers are provided with the best in first contact services.

• Top-performing professional desire a Front Desk Receptionist position with The Inn at Perry Cabin. Offering 3+ years’ experience in greeting visitors and guests, creating correspondence, handling telephone calls and managing incoming mail.

• To work as a Front Desk Receptionist for Ricoh utilizing competencies in handling office administrative functions and dealing with public inquiries in an informative and efficient manner.

• To obtain employment as a Front Desk Receptionist at Comfort Keepers. Anxious to apply exceptional organizational and communication skills to act as a positive face of the company.

• Seeking a Front Desk Receptionist position at Medix by employing excellent time management and organizational skills to meet the specific needs of the front desk and ensuring appropriate communications and mail handling.

• To work for Hancock Regional Hospital as a Front Desk Receptionist bringing a 6+ years’ track record of providing tier one customer services.