Top 10 Real Estate Receptionist Skills for Resume

Updated on: November 7, 2022

When you think of the word “skill”, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Possibly, things that one is good at. However, you cannot write all the skills that you possess.

You have to be selective in mentioning your skills. This is because a prospective employer is not interested in all that you are skilled at. He or she needs to know about the ones that concern him or her. This means that you need to mention only the ones that have strong relevance to the position for which you are applying.

For instance, you cannot say that you are good at writing when you are applying for a production worker position, as it won’t fit. See what we mean by relevance? Let’s move on.

How to write the skills section on a Real Estate Receptionist resume?

Let’s try to answer this as simply as possible. Skills need to be highlighted- that’s the first lesson. By highlighting them, we mean that you will need to write content that makes your abilities come forward. If you are a great communicator, you can write something like strong communication skills aimed at…

How you write your skills will determine if your candidature will pass the ultimate test – making it to the interview stage. Here are examples of how you can write the skills section for a real estate receptionist position.

Sample Skills for Real Estate Receptionist Resume

  1. Highly skilled in operating PABX machines to handle incoming and outgoing telephone calls and providing preliminary information regarding property listings.
  2. Exceptionally well-versed in creating promotional materials for available properties in a bid to help sell them to potential clients.
  3. Demonstrated expertise in organizing and maintaining client files to ensure that updated information is continuously available to prospective clients.
  4. Proficient in effectively managing payments pertaining to closed deals.
  5. Hands-on experience in establishing positive client relationships by fielding initial calls and handling the listing of activity logs.
  6. First-hand experience in handling confidential information such as rental and sales applications and personal identification documents.
  7. Deeply familiar with creating and maintaining a liaison between property managers and real estate agents regarding their office administrative and clerical needs.
  8. Adept at researching and approaching low-cost but high-quality vendors to ensure the provision of office supplies and equipment in a time-efficient manner.
  9. Competent in scheduling appointments between clients and agents by first determining the availability and convenience of both.
  10. Proven ability to update home listings for publication and create advertising materials such as brochures and business cards.