Cover Letter for Front Office with No Experience

Updated on: October 1, 2015

For positions in which you have no choice but to be at the front end, you need to write a cover letter that is complete in every sense. The content that you write needs to make it obvious that you are a people person and someone who likes to smile a lot. Tough job? Only if you are not great with people!

Cover letters do not only detail an individual’s experiences and qualifications for a job. How you write a cover letter symbolizes what kind of a personality you have. So if you are not a very pleasant person, chances are that it will show up in your cover letter – or at the interview stage definitely!

Write your cover letter by exercising extreme care. Look into the requirements of the employer before you begin. Ask yourself if you have it in you to justify working at that position. If the answer is yes, begin writing a cover letter that will knock the eyeballs out of the hiring manager’s sockets!

Writing a good cover letter is all about playing with words. Even if you are not someone who is good with words, you can write one that has a significantly positive effect on a hiring manager. How? By reading the following cover letter sample for a front office position and emulating it to write your own:

Cover Letter for Front Office with No Experience


October 1, 2015

Mr. Malachi Crawford
Hiring Manager
Omni Hotels
620 Hendrickson Avenue
Elmont, NY 11003


Dear Mr. Crawford:

You mention several things in your posting for a Front Office Assistant position at Omni Hotels that make me think that you are looking for someone with my proven assets. Let me explain briefly:

❖ Demonstrated expertise in providing positive experiences to guests through employment of exceptional people skills

❖ Competent at handling front desk staff scheduling duties and taking charge during conflicting situations

❖ Hands-on experience in managing the front desk at two large hotels, including The Hyatt and Intercontinental Hotels

When I have the opportunity to meet with you in person, I believe that you will agree that you want to use my managerial skills and front office experience on your watch. I will get in touch with you soon to ask for a convenient meeting time. If you need any further information to augment the information provided here, please do not hesitate to contact me at (444) 444-4444.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Rafael Dunn

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