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Updated on December 2, 2015


The dos and don’ts of server resume writing are many and it is often confusing what needs to be done to make sure that a perfect resume is written. With a little bit of interest however, we can actually self-determine what needs to go in a resume and what needs to be paid no attention to.

The science of resume writing dictates one thing – do not write anything that will be of little or no use to an employer. If you want to impress, you have to dress your resume in colorful clothes and make it do the tango. And to make it to dance to your tune, this is how a server resume should be written:


Server Resume Sample


Nathan Smith

7895 Watch Hill Road ● Westerly, RI 25642 ● (999) 999-9999 ● natsmith @ email . com


Customer Service / Communication / Hospitality

SUMMARY: A customer-service-oriented food service professional with 8+ years’ experience working in hospitality industry. Focused on ensuring repeat business by providing excellent customer services to restaurant patrons. Adept at assisting patrons in selecting food items according to their specific choices, transmitting accurate orders to the kitchen and ensuring timely follow up. A self-starter who has a demonstrated ability to respond effectively to additional customer requirement and ensuring delivery of exceptional services. Hands-on experience in ensuring customer satisfaction by ascertaining that orders are delivered accurately and on time.


– Food and Beverage Service– Menu Development
– Supplies Inventory Management– Table Setup
– Food Preparation– Fine Dining
– Meal Personalization– Payment Processing
– Service Area Stocking– Wine Pairings
– Garnishing and Decoration– Food Hygiene


Server | OLIVE GARDEN, Westerly, RI | Aug 2011 – Present

• Welcome customers and patrons and lead them to their tables
• Ascertain that customers are comfortably seated and present them with food and beverage menus
• Assist in choosing items by providing ingredient and taste information for all items that the customers are interested in
• Take orders for food, wine and other beverages and provide customers with delivery deadlines
• Relay orders to the kitchen area and follow up on them to ensure timely delivery
• Deliver orders to the customer after making sure that they are accurate and appropriately portioned
• Prepare checks, deliver them to customers and accept payments
• Ascertain that both cash and credit card payments are properly processes

Key Achievements
• Simultaneously handled order taking for 15 tables at the same time, (during holiday rush), without confusing a single order
• Reined in menu development activities, which eventually led to increased customer interest
• Suggested personalization of meals to ensure repeat customers, thereby increasing customer base by 44%
• Reorganized the supplies inventory system which reduced information pulling time by 55%

Server Assistant | FOUR SEASONS, Westerly, RI | May 2007 – Aug 2011

• Assisted in finding tables for customers according to their specific needs
• Provided menus and filled drinks according to customers’ wishes
• Relayed orders to the kitchen areas and assisted in food preparation duties
• Provided support to servers by holding trays while food items are being served
• Refilled water glasses and ensured that tables and chairs are properly cleaned after customers leave
• Ascertained that all condiments and napkins are available in the supplies area

High School Diploma

• POS Systems
• Word and Excel

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