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Driver Achievements and Accomplishments for Resume

One of the most important parts of a driver’s resume is the achievements section. A hiring manager would want to know what you have achieved in this position, which makes you a good contender to consider. Without this section, you may not be considered for a driver position. However, writing an achievements section is decidedly tricky.… Read More »

Driver Job Description and Duties for Resume

Drivers work in different roles although their duties are more or less the same. Typically, a driver is expected to drive a vehicle from one place to another to transport people or merchandise. Mainly, they drive a vehicle on a designated route and ensure the safety and timely delivery of passengers or goods. There are many… Read More »

Driver Skills for Resume | Sample Statements

Skills phrases that genuinely make a difference in a Driver Resume are hard to mention in a driver’s resume. That is because everyone might be using the same one. While employers are familiar with most phrases that candidates use, they still welcome them as they portray a candidate’s skills as they are. All transportation jobs… Read More »