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Personal Driver Resume Sample

Personal driving is a challenging task that requires much more skills as compared to executive driving. The ideal candidate for this position must be knowledgeable of customer service etiquette. Before writing a resume for a personal driver position, it is essential to find out a bit about the prospective employer’s preferences for the position. This will give… Read More »

CDL Driver Resume Sample

A CDL driver position is quite challenging and requires extreme physical stamina. In addition to a CDL, the position requires a high level of alertness, a great sense of responsibility, and exceptional eye-hand dexterity. Since a CDL driver is usually required to carry passengers, hazardous material, or a lot of heavy loads, the job creates extra… Read More »

Driver Reference and Recommendation Letter Sample

Cars, buses, and trucks are all driven and maintained by specialist drivers who are trained in driving as well as performing minor repairs on the vehicles that they operate. Not every driver can drive every type of vehicle. That is why employers hire drivers with different backgrounds for handling different cars accordingly. Since driving requires great… Read More »